Well, as many of you know, I'm running for wiki president again. Now you may be wondering "Why should I vote for Nalyd?", "What makes him qualified?", or "Why am I asking this blog post so many questions?". Well, I'll answer all of those questions (except that third one. A psychiatrist should probably handle that one.)

So, why do I think I can fill the presidential shoes? I've got lots of ideas. I will now make a list:

  1. Pages for Songs - The current plan for TDtM is for each song just to be put on the page for the episode it is in, but why not make a page for the songs? Obviously I won't fight too hard for this too be implemented if the songs turn out to not be worth a whole page, but rather just a mention. Here's what I'm thinking for this page; Lyrics, trivia, music video, singers involved, etc. I'm sure there will be more information for this page that will be put on it once TDtM premiers.
  2. Featured Song - I was kind of expecting TDtM to have premiered, but this can be added once TDtM starts. This will probably only be able to happen if we get pages for the songs. I'm hoping that the songs will be good enough to make this feature worth while.
  3. A system in which we get more admins and rollbacks - In my honest opinion, we needs more admins and rollbacks. And basically it's only been the admins deciding it. My plan is for this to work like featured user, the users vote for whoever signs-up to try and become and admin/rollback. I think that a regular user with about ten-fifteen votes probably deserves to at least try rollbackship, and a rollback that gets about twenty votes will be considered for adminship (these numbers are just estimates of what they'll later be). We need more rollbacks to clean up vandalism, and more admins to delete pages (too often do people come to the IRC to ask an admin to delete a page a ban a vandal).
  4. Crushes - This was an idea I got when the new qualifications were being made for what a relationship is and what isn't. It was decided that Gwen and Cody would be classified as a friendship, which I disagree with. Beth and Justin also can't be really qualified as friends or a relationship. So I suggest we use "Cody-Gwen Crush" and "Beth-Justin Crush" for those kinds of pages. I think it's misleading to classify either as anything but a crush. (The word "crush" may be changed to a different term to described a one-sided relationship.)
  • I'd like to point out that I will also seriously consider any and all suggestions from the rest of you.
  • This is just the tip of the iceberg for my list of ideas.

Other than this plethora of ideas, what makes me qualified to lead us until October? I like to think of myself as a fair person. It hasn't happened recently, but there was a time 3 or so months ago when many users would come to me, explaining how siblings of theirs had hacked their accounts. I had no evidence to prove that it wasn't the truth, so I talked to other admins about unbanning the user to see if they were telling the truth. I know how easy it is for somebody to hack their brother or sister's account; my brother sits approximately 2 feet away from me while I'm on the wiki. I think that for these situations, however, there is now a better system. I now suggest to these users that if they can prove that they are responsible, respectful, and mature users on other Total Drama wikis (camps and fanfic) where I am an admin, I can try to help them.

I am planning to hold a press conference so I can answer any user questions, and better explain some of my ideas and policies. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to seeing a great turnout for election week.

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