Party's cancelled. My mom, my infamous mom, you all know my mom right? She likes making plans at the last possible second whenever I've got plans on here. Yeah, you remember, Nalyd's mom, Mrs. Renrut? Anyway, in typical Nalyd's-mom-fashion, she made plans literally 4 hours before the party. The point of the party was that TDIFan13, TDAddict, and BB were going to pick three teams of four for Countdown to 10,000, then I was going to pick the team with the worst name and split them up so that we had two teams of six. But, there's not gonna be a party, so here are your Countdown teams:

Team 1 - BB, CDTDA, Fedora, Ryan, TDAddict, WM

Team 2 - Aimers, Bigez, Crash, Mygeto, Ragingblaze, TDAROCKS

I'm open to team name suggestions. Leave them in the comments below, I'll be picking the team names.

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