Okay, so Shipping and Flicting are going out, and here is what we need to do:

Moving: All the pages need their titles changed. Here is the system that will be followed (Friendships will need to be changed to):

  • Girls' names will go first.
    • If there are no girls in the relationship/conflict/friendship, names will go in alphabetical order.
    • If there were only girls, again, they will be put in alphabetical order.
  • In the case of two people against another, it will be alphabetical order and ladies first. (I.E. Katie+Sadie-Trent Relationship, Courtney+Duncan-Harold Conflict)

Re-Directing: The pages that link to the Shippings and Flictings will be changed.

Userboxes: The userboxes need to be changed from the Shipping name to "the relationship between (Girl) and (Boy).

Post comments, questions, or concerns here, please.

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