Why is is a penny for your thoughts but you add your two cents? Probably the same reason round pizza comes in a square box.

On a more relevant note, there has been a lot of turmoil around the community lately, at least from what I can see. Right now it seems like it's the users finger-pointing at the admins and pointing out all their faults. While I do agree that some admins have notable problems, I'm going to point out what I think is wrong with each admin. But, I'd also like to offer advice to the admins. I feel like nothing can be gained from just complaining, solutions need to be offered. (NOTE - If you don't see the rest of this blog, it means the admins have already found me and taken me away.)

  • WM - The edit machine. I think WM is the best example of what I like in an admin, and that is they edit and are active on the wiki. The only problem really is WM has had some trouble in the past with handling fights and conflicts, i.e. going AFK during a fight, coming back, quoting SNL, and seeming to almost to be unaware of fights. Just the randomness of your behavior sometimes doesn't rub the right way with people. The only advice I can think of for you is try to be a little more cautious of what you say and when you say it.
  • Bigez - I really can't think of any issues with you. You're a new admin who I never worked with. I haven't heard anything bad about you, so I guess you're doing a good job. Congrats.
  • Liz - Same as Bigez. Keep up the good work you too.
  • KG - The only problem I can think of is I've heard a few times users coming to you (because I think you're seen as the admin who will listen and help them), and then I hear about you saying you're going to get to something but never do. I don't know if it's just the users don't know you fixed whatever they complained about, or if you just never did. That's really the only issue I can think of with you, but I can't criticize you too harshly because I think everybody does that, users and admins.
  • Jamalamadingdong - I think you're probably the admin who most supports the users when it comes to user-admin conflicts. The only real issue I can think of for you is lack of mainspace activity. You're active on the wiki, frequently commenting on users' blogs and making blogs and editing.
  • FH - I think the biggest issue you have right now is the fact that as I write this blog, your last edit was February fifth. I know there are a lot of FH-haters out there and people think she should be demoted, but I disagree. I really think if FH is able to edit more, I know she's busy with real life stuff, she'll be my definition of a great admin. I know you'll probably hate me for saying this, but I think maybe you're too serious sometimes. Stop and smell the flowers, you know? I think sometimes we all forget this is just a website.
  • Ryan - Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. Anyway, from what I've seen, Ryan is probably the most polarizing admin. There are people that really like him, and people that really hate him. I think that Ryan is a good person, it's just that sometimes he does things he probably shouldn't. People say Ryan's in a lot of fights, but from what I've seen, on several occasions people have gone after him and the fact of the matter is he fought back, just more aggressively. I think it's unfortunate that Ryan is seen as the mean admin, because I think when you get to know him he's a really good person.

I think when you really look at the personal issues with the admins, you see they aren't mean people. They aren't dictators. They just want to be liked. And don't we all? Several admins have talked to me and told me they were worried about the users not liking them and getting them demoted, etc. I feel like the admins can improve so that they are more well liked. I'm not saying the admins need to go around bowing before users and begging for forgiveness. I just think that everyone on the wiki, admin and user, needs to remember the golden rule.


So, that's my thoughts. If any admins were offended by what I said, please let me know so I can apologize, I didn't mean any offense and I'm not trying to start any sort of rebellion.

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