Episode two of Total Drama World Tour aired a couple days ago in the good ol' U.S. of A. and I am happy to say that much like last week's episode, it doesn't fail to impress!

The episode starts off with Chris' recap, which is better than usual this time around. I like when the recaps actually have some originality or humor to them. Otherwise it's just wasted time. Then we go to another unfunny Harold-LeShawna moment discussing colors. Is it just me, or is Harold actually incredibly painful to watch this season? Ha, the scene with Duncan's ladies talking about him, and then the shot of him on the plane were great. I really enjoy watching the friendship between Sierra and Izzy, and I think that the writers are good at writing two crazy girls together. "When he breathes his nose whistles the national anthem!" Haha, a great Izzy line! I was pretty sure Izzy would be a disappointment this season, but she's doing well so far. Who knows? Maybe she'll win the Renny award! "Ooh, stalker-licious!" See, here's the thing with Noah. Every episode, he has one amazing line that we're all quoting for a week. The problem is though, it seems he only gets one good line per episode then its back to the background. That, however, was a LOL worthy moment!

The GwenXCody moments have been hilarious so far! And Heather's comment was great. I think that since in Total Drama Action there was no new conflict, Heather didn't seem as mean, but now she's back! In this episode we finally learn the difference between Alejandro and Justin - Alejandro wants to win. He's willing to put up with one of the worst teams ever assembled to win. Alejandro flirts, and is hot, and is smart (He understands why the net is so stupidly high!) Justin, however, just wanted to remain pretty (Mission accomplished). DJ's running gag of hurting animals is painful to watch. Not just because animal cruelty is really just not funny in the slightest way, but it just isn't funny anyway. I'm really disappointed that DJ's best storyline this year is gonna be damaging animals. "Have faith Noah! Believe in us!" "Okay, color me impressed." NoahXAl? I just wanna make sure that everybody got the joke that the beetles killed the intern Chris was standing on. "The stick will save us! Go stick!" Normally I'm pretty sick of Lindsay, and I figured without Al or Tyler on her team, she'd be lost in the shuffle of this season, but that was a good line for everyone's favorite dumb blond! "Scarabs gut busay now." Remember when this was a kids' show? I don't either. Whoa whoa whoa whoa - hey now! I thought Zeke had a good singing voice! Remember last week when we were all swooning over his singing? Or was that just me?

It's true. Duncan doesn't deserve Courtney. No man should be put through that kind of torture. But I digress (lol jk). AlejandroXHeather was obvious to a blind guy ten miles away from a TV screen. The problem is, bossy girl-tough guy has been done before. Especially when the girl refuses to admit that she likes him back! This will end differently: Heather will think she's all safe and secure because of Al, then Al will get her voted off! But seriously, AlXHeather is like DuncanXCourtney if Duncan and Courtney were good-looking. I mean, just Heather is good-looking. I mean.... I like girls! (Haha, Tyler moment XD) Al's pelvic thrust helped Team Nalyd is Really Really Really Really Really Hot almost win! (I may have changed a few team names around, but I think you'll be able to figure them out.) "Does anyone know where we are?" "Hahaha, planet Earth silly!" "..." I miss the conflict between Heather and Izzy, but I'm glad it's back. I figured Team Amazon would be Gwen and Heather fighting constantly. "Probably looking for a place to die!" You may have noticed I really haven't mentioned Team Victory. You see, there really is nothing to say about them. They have no conflict among their team. For those wondering, Al did not blow a kiss to heather. It was clearly blown to the camel. Whats with Al and being called "Al"? Maybe his name isn't really Alejandro, it's just Al. "Talk to the camel." The line by itself is hilarious, but the way Al says it just makes it better!

I'll be honest (Like always) but these two songs were actually pretty good I thought. When I first heard about them, I thought they'd be awful, but I really enjoyed them! One of the things the Total Drama kids are known for, is making bad voting decisions. Voting off Ezekiel was smart, but Ezekiel voting for DJ after an entire episode of Harold being a jerk to Zeke?

The Renny Award goes to... Heather! I was especially impressed with Heather's lines this episode, and thought they were well written.

Overall, I think this episode was definitely better than anything Total Drama Action could have done, but I think it was a step down from last week. 7/10

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