It's finally here! Total Drama World Tour has premiered!... In Canada. I think when I speak for all Americans when I do this: Jam7 rules for uploading it to youtube in a timely manner! Catch part one, part two, and part three. Now, without further ado, it's time to review, Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1 (not two)! (Ha, I rhymed.) I'll be reviewing every episode this season, and each episode, one character will win a Renny award! (I'll explain later.)

I gotta say, going into this I was dreading the new season. I knew it would never be as good as Total Drama Island, but would it be as awful as Total Drama Action? Owen's fear of flying was hilarious, and so was Noah's aero-nauseus comment. Is anybody else digging Zeke? "I like girls." Tyler is awesome already! "She's a sugar-addicted super fan!" "I've dreamed of this moment! Only you weren't wearing a shirt." As you all know, I hate Sierra. She's really making it hard for me to hate her now. Could I like Sierra?! Yes. Could I like Courtney?! Ha. I don't know about you guys, but I love the theme song. Especially the part where the plane is going around breaking parts of the world. I'd love if there were more shots like that in the theme song. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy. (That may be the Snuggie I'm wearing...)

"Girls sing, little birdies sing, Duncans do not sing." It's true. Girls are better singers than guys. (You should hear me sing the ABC's. It will blow your mind. And possibly your eardrums.) "Singing reality shows are huge." American Idol and... How many singing reality shows are there?! "Prepare to lose to the Zeke!" LOL, nice try newb. "Okay, so not trying to be mean here, but you do know you got voted out first last time, right?" LOL, newb got pwnd. I am surprised they referred back to the glory days of TDI, especially when even TDA didn't mention TDI! Ha. LeShawna discovering the new confessional was great. Love ya, LeShawna! "Is never your policy on mouth wash too, homeschool?" Could Ezekiel be replacing Harold as Total Drama Loser?! I'm hoping on lots of Lindsay, Tyler, and Alejandro this season. They're so epic together! The writing is great. "Deliciously seductive?" I know, right? I mean... Er... I like girls! (Ha, thanks for the help, Tyler. I can always count on you when I'm in a tight situation, unless the situation involved sports of any kind.)

"I've got a peanut allergy, yo!" Ezekiel, my friend, you are right on your way to winning a Renny award! He's got tons of great one-liners! I'm sure the Total Drama crew thought they had everyone fooled when Ezekiel got eliminated right off the bat! Gasp! Time for a song? Come Fly With Us was a truly epic song. I thought it had a rocky start, but once it got going, it was one of the best scenes in the show's history! Is it just me, or does everyone actually have really epic singing voices? (Even Ezekiel!) "Hey, why's the PA light still on? Oh sh-" Chef is pure win! Harold's alien line was pointless and awkward. Gasp! Ezekiel is back! "Lindsay! I'm a goat!" Tyler's giving Ezekiel a run for his money for being awesome. "In Egyptian, it whaheet." Come on, Harold, you can do better than this. You are not the know it all! You are the know a good amount of it! Noah thinking the Zeke was a real mummy was wiggidy-wiggidy-whack, G. (Translation: It didn't make sense.) He's the know it all for crying out loud! Who put a sign on top of a pyramid?! Just sayin'. Also, I speak Spanish, so I can translate what Alejandro said: *********** (muttering) ********* incompetent *******. Hope that helped those of you who don't hablo espanol.... I miss JJR. :(

"Where's Gwen? Not like I care." Wow. What the Frankenstien's bride? As a big Cody fan, that just hurt. Like, really, I'm upset that they included that. Cody loves Gwen, everyone knows it. You know it, I know it, your Great Aunt Natalie knows it. (I need to call my Great Aunt Natalie...) I was kind of hoping for more music... This show is so confusing... Gwen can't quit in episode one, now DJ and Duncan can quit whenever they want? Aye aye aye! (Translation: Aye aye aye!) Cody looks so so so so so gross when he's trying to help Gwen up. He looks so creepy. I love the three team names. Very creative, but I would have loved another Screaming-Killer pair...

The Renny award goes to... Tyler. Man, you had some great one-liners. Ezekiel came in a close second, but the writers are really overdoing it...

Overall, i really enjoyed this episode and thought it had the best writing in a while. 8/10

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