This review of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island contains opinions written by an angsty teenager. Do not repeat any of what you read here for grandma. Seriously. You could get really messed up.

Hello, welcome to another review. How have you been? You're looking well. As always I'd like to remind everyone not to discuss spoilers though this review and the comments will contain information up to an including details of the second episode. Anyway, onto the show! Now I'm writing this while watching it for the first time, as opposed to the last episode where I watched it, then re-watched it and wrote my review.

Truth or Laser Shark starts with an amusing exchange between Dakota and Dawn. Even better was the boys:

Scott: A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell.
Sam: You kissed a gentleman?

I actually laughed out loud at that. But Scott's confessional confused me, the whole "Hidden immunity idol" was barely touched upon in the first episode, wasn't even called that, so him referring to it as such was confusing go me. "Keep your family close and your enemy at arm's length!" Again, laughed out loud. I'm enjoying Brick, he's very different from my military-themed fanfic character. His argument with Jo was great too.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who's been staring at Dakota's sexy nostrils.

Anne Maria: You don't tawk much do ya?
B: *shrug*

I find this challenge interesting because it gives us a chance to learn more about these characters we've only known for 30 minutes. The first three questions are less than creative. Farting, pants wetting, fake names, we've all been there. Oh, you haven't? So it's just me then... Hm... Awkward...

Did anybody else notice Scott and Lightning making out while everyone was trying to quit? Awkward...

Well, that challenge ended up being a complete waste, and showed this cast really had little interest in winning.

Cameron sucking his thumb in the confessional after sticking up for himself was very funny, I feel like he's going to stand out a lot this season. I'm also enjoying Sam and Dakota, it's like watching Harold flirt with Heather (and as many of you know I strongly support that. Oh. You don't know that? Have you never read my reviews before?!)

Also, didn't Beverly's team win? Two to one... Honestly the show's ability to forget previous events just gets worse and worse. It's like watching an elderly person lose their memory but without any of the humor (I'm sorry, that was rude). Just from the fact that the whole thing is up to Cameron at the end, it's obvious his team wins. When it comes to shows like this it's all about how the little guy can still win in the end even though the real world doesn't work like that. Oh wait, this is a cartoon. (See, that's how crazy you guys sound to me sometimes when you argue about the show.)

Alright, is it just me, or is the groin-kicking/hitting/generally harming jokes on this show getting old. Like, honestly, it's just a cheap shot (no pun intended) that was funny the first few times. (Also, when I was a kid, I don't think you ever saw that on a cartoon.) It just bothers me how it's used so much. "Zoey needs to get away from beavers... groin kick. Heather needs to get Al off the volcano... groin kick." Maybe it's just me, it just seems like it's way too common on the show now.

I enjoyed seeing some strategy on the show, provided by Scott. Although it was obvious when only seeing one person be targeted, and the only defense of her being immediately labeled as irrelevant, that that person would go home. I did like Lightning's "Sha-please!" Dakota goes home, which is disappointing. There was a real chance for character development there. Ah well.

The challenges were both pretty lame this episode with the results of it and the elimination being obvious. However, there were lot of funny moments.

Rating: 8/10

The Renny Award goes to Scott for his excellent game play, though Brick comes in a close second for his hilarious lines.

Comment below, lemme know if you liked this episode and, more importantly, this review. Peace out guys.

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