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Webkinz Mania Heather/Owen
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Nalyd Renrut Harold/Izzy/Chris
Codyfan12 Trent/DJ/Beth
TDIFan13 Duncan/Chef Hatchet
SamanthaRox3 Courtney/LeShawna

Day One

Total Drama Channel features challenges based on TV show genres.

The Killer Writers are... Harold, Heather, Courtney, Lindsay, Trent, and DJ!

The Screaming Directors are... Izzy, Owen, LeShawna, Duncan, Gwen, and Beth!

Challenge One

The First Challenge is based on the cheesy teen reality show genre! Both teams must try and throw a wicked partay! But they must look out for old man Hatchet, who will crash the party!

Izzy nominated Owen to lead the Directors in the party challenge. Owen immediately started partying. Owen got lemonade and random people. The Directors, lead by Owen, got snacks, awesome music, and danced.

The Writers found whatever they could. Heather got tea. Courtney then took charge. Her team didn't pay attention.Chef crashed the Writers party and attacked Lindsay, Harold, DJ and Beth with hot sauce.

The Directors won after they got Chef to enjoy the party. All the Writers wanted to vote off Courtney due to their dislike of her bossiness.

Vote One

Heather - Courtney

Harold - Courtney

Lindsay - Courtney

DJ - Courtney

Trent - Courtney

Courtney - Heather

Courtney was eliminated.

Day Two

Gwen and Trent were worried about being on different teams, while Harold secretly planned on getting back together with LeShawna. heather tried to get allied with anybody on her team.

Today's challenge is based on lame talk shows. We will give both teams a depressed fat person. Whoever can make the depressed whale-man feel good about himself, wins!

Challenge Two

LeShawna called her team's fat guy crazy. Duncan made him feel worse. Duncan, however, promised him chocolate, making him explode with happiness! (Not literally.)

Lindsay told her fat guy how if he likes chocolate, he likes life. Trent tried to remind him of happy times, but the fat guy couldn't remember any.

The Directors won again. LeShawna told Harold to vote for Heather, leading Lindsay to believe Harold was allied with the other team. LeShawna kidnapped Lindsay to make sure she didn't tell anybody. LeShawna then told Harold to vote out Lindsay because she knew too much.

Vote Two

Harold - Lindsay

Heather - Lindsay

Lindsay - Harold

DJ - Lindsay

Trent - Harold

Lindsay was voted off. Lindsay tried to tell everyone about LeShawna and Harold's alliance, but couldn't.

Day Three

The Directors were curious about LeShawna bailing and watching the Gilded Chris ceremony to see if Harold was okay. Heather shouted LeShawna was in an alliance, but LeShawna claimed she was on the can.

Challenge Three

Today's challenge is based on... talent search shows! Both teams must present one talented person to Chris, who will judge. The winning team is safe!

The Directors chose LeShawna to dance for the team. Izzy tried to sing, but failed.

The Writers chose Trent to play his guitar.

Trent scored 7/10 for his song about Gwen. LeShawna's dancing got -100/10. The Directors lost.

A heated fight broke out about voting out Owen, LeShawna, Izzy, or Beth.

Vote Three

Izzy - Beth

Duncan - Owen

Owen - LeShawna

Gwen - Owen

Beth - Izzy

LeShawna - Owen

Owen was eliminated.

Day Four

Izzy was depressed Owen was gone. LeShawna admitted in the confessional to having an alliance with Harold. Duncan decided to vote Izzy off next, and heather at the merge.

Challenge Four

Today's challenge is based on the nature show genre. Whichever team can bring a bear back here first wins. Simple enough, right?

Izzy decided this would be easy. Gwen remembered Izzy calling a bear on Total Drama Island, so Izzy called for another bear. Izzy scared a bear away.

Heather mocked the other team for losing their bear hunter, Owen. DJ led a bear back to camp by reasoning with it.

The Writers won again. Izzy once again suggested they vote off Beth.

Vote Four

Izzy - Beth

Duncan - Beth

Gwen - Beth

Beth - LeShawna

LeShawna - Beth

Beth was voted off.

Day Five

There was no challenge today. The group was still focused on discovering LeShawna and Harold's alliance. Both teams voted somebody off.

Writers Vote

Harold - Heather

Heather - Harold

Trent - Harold

DJ - Harold

Harold was eliminated. He and LeShawna kissed when he left.

Directors Vote

Izzy - LeShawna

Duncan - Izzy

Gwen - Izzy

LeShawna - Izzy

Izzy was voted out.

Day Six

Chris announced that everyone would vote somebody back in and they voted:

LeShawna - Harold

Duncan - Harold

Trent - Harold

Gwen - Harold

DJ - Courtney

Heather - Courtney

Harold returned, and the merge took place. A fight broke out abotu voting out Heather and Harold, before a challege happened.

Challenge Six

Today's challenge is based on the sports show! Everyone has to run a football past Chef Hatchet to move onto the next round.

Harold made it.

Duncan didn't make it.

Gwen didn't make it.

Heather didn't make it.

LeShawna made it.

DJ didn't make it.

Trent didn't make it.

Harold and LeShawna moved on to the next round; boxing. LeShawna gave Harold a black eye, but won immunity.

Everyone wanted to vote for Heather.

Vote Six

Harold - Heather

DJ - Heather

Trent - Heather

Gwen - Heather

LeShawna - Heather

Duncan - Heather

Heather - (Was away from computer, did not vote)

Heather was voted out. Veryone threw her into the lame-o-sine.

Day Seven

Everyone celebrated making it to the final six.

Challenge Seven

Today the contestants do a challenge related to cheesy sitcoms; taking care of a fake baby. The teams were:

LeShawna - Harold

Gwen - Duncan

DJ - Trent

Duncan smashed his and Gwen's baby, taking them out of the challenge.

Harold and LeShawna sturggled with their baby.

DJ and Trent wer every skilled with caring for their baby.

Chris gave Duncan a second baby. Duncan broke it, and was removed from the game by chef hatchet.

Day Eight

Everyone celebrated making it to the final five.

Challenge Eight

Today's challenge is based on the lame-o game-show! Everyone has to eat disgusting food.

Cow Brains - LeShawna passes out and gets out

Garbage - Trent and DJ and Harold throw up and get out

Gwen wins immunity

Everyone decided to vote off DJ for being a threat.

Vote Eight

Harold - DJ

LeShawna - DJ

Gwen - DJ

DJ - Harold

Trent - DJ

DJ was voted off.

Day Nine

Chef tried to start an alliance with Trent, in exchange for helping Trent impress Gwen.

Challenge Nine

Today's  challenge is based on love shows! Gwen and harold vs. Trent and LeShawna! Have to act like married couples!

LeShawna and Gwen had to pick up huge pile of trash. LeShawna refused to, but eventually gave in. LeShawna pushed Gwen, and won the challenge.

Then the girls had to dare the opposite husbands to do a humiliating/dangerous thing. Gwen dared Trent to kiss LeShawna nine times then dance nude. Trent did both. LeShawna dared harold to kiss Gwenfourteen times, jump in a shark pool and survive, and run around naked fifteen times. Harold did it all. Chris decided nobody was safe.

Vote Nine

Harold - Trent

LeShawna - Trent

Trent - LeShawna

Gwen - LeShawna

Chef switched the votes and gwen was eliminated.

Day Ten

The final three enjoyed a pancake breakfast.

Challenge Ten

There was a dare-a-thon.

LeShawna dared Trent to chef Chef's toenails.

Trent dared Harold to kiss Chef on the lips twice.

Harold dared Trent to break up with Gwen.

Trent refused and was eliminated.

Day Eleven

Harold and LeShawna decided to split the money together.







Jury Vote

DJ: Harold

Beth: LeShawna

Gwen: Harold

Izzy: LeShawna

Trent: Harold

Duncan: Harold

Harold Wins!

Good game, all!

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