From Ex-Cat to Momma to Camels to Countdown, Nalyd knows how to stay in front of a trend! So the next big thing is taking TDI and turning it into Pokemon battles such as:

  • A wild Heather appeared! I choose you, Harold! Heather used Flash! It's super effective!

For those who have never played a Pokemon video game, it's alright if you don't understand it. Basically, a wild Pokemon appears and you choose your Pokemon and fight it. Here are some other epic ones:

  • A wild LeShawna appeared! I choose you Heather! Heather used Catty Insults. It's not very effective... LeShawna used Slap! It's super effective! Alright, Heather, return. I choose you, Alejandro! Alejandro used Charm! It's super effective! LeShawna fainted!
  • A wild Lindsay appeared! I choose you, Tyler! Lindsay used Lip Gloss. Lindsay's Beauty increases. Tyler used Back Flip... But it fails.
  • A wild Ezekiel appeared! I choose you, Eva! Ezekiel used Sexist Remarks. Eva is angered! Eva used Murderous Rage! It's super effective!
  • A wild Harold appeared! I choose you, Duncan! Harold used Dirty Underwear. It's not very effective... Duncan used Pranks. It's super effective! Harold used Rigging the Votes. Courtney fainted!
  • A wild Courtney appeared! I choose you, Total Drama Action! Courtney used Lawsuit. It's a One-Hit-KO!

(This next one is the best)

  • A wild Writer appeared! I choose you, Total Drama Fanatic! Writer used Plot Twist! It's not very effective...

Feel free to submit your own!

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