As many of us now, the Asian Sensation Musou quit the wiki under unknown circumstances. While the position of admin will be filled, the empty hole in my heart will never be filled.

Unfortunately, people have seemed to put their focus on getting a new admin.

You're ignoring the REAL situation!


Yeah, yeah, I know, everyone thought me and Musou just had "sexay timez" in PM, but we never did. Srsly. We'd PM about how funny we thought it was that you guys think we just flirted.

All we really did was talk about Neko and her cuteness.

Unfortunately, now, I have nobody to rant to about the adorableness of my pretend internet daughter. (I guess I have a son too, but no club for him.)

So, if you're interested in talking to me about how cute Neko is, you must fit all qualities:

  1. You must like Neko

If you're interested in the position of "Person who thinks neko is freakin' adorable" please apply below.

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