Welcome back, everyone, to The Game. Yesterday, Aimers won immunity, and BB was voted out, 3-1.

Today's challenge is to submit a number one to one-hundred. After everyone picks, a random number will be selected. The person who's number is closest to the picked number will win immunity. If two people are equally close, the person who chose first will win. After submitting a number, please submit a vote. Only the vote of the person who wins immunity will count. The vote will not be tomorrow, it will be today, so you must submit a vote along with the challenge. The challenge ends tonight at 9:00 PM EST.

Jax chose 77.

Aimers chose 63.

RoseGui chose 785.

The wining number is 41. Aimers wins immunity and now must vote for either Jax or RoseGui.

Only Aimers voted tonight due to Jax and RoseGui having to vote for each other.

The fourrteenth person voted out of The Game and the sixth and final member of the jury is... RoseGui. The rest of you are safe. RoseGui, you have lost The Game.

Congratulations to our final two, Aimers and Jax.

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