Welcome back, everyone, to The Game. Yesterday, TDF won immunity. AJ was voted out, 4-1-1 (one person didn't vote).

Today's challenge is to identify who said the following quotes, along with what episode they are from. The first person to send me an e-mail with all ten right will win immunity. You may only submit answers once, after which they cannot be changed. You cannot submit answers before 4:00 PM EST today. Answers must be submitted after that time. Answers are due by 3:00 PM EST tomorrow. Here are the quotes:

  1. "Apply salve repeatedly to achieve humectant dispersion."
  2. "Have you even ever read a cue card?!"
  3. "I'm a naturalist!"
  4. "France is small, right?"
  5. "I was not scared. It was completely circumstantial."
  6. "Please, can we stop this story now?"
  7. "Are you trying to make us lose?"
  8. "But it sure smells like him."
  9. "We heard you got some fly moves."
  10. "Would you look at that? They're not dead!"

Here are the correct answers:

1. Heather - One Flu Over the Cuckoos
2. Chris - Mutiny on the Soundstage
3. Owen - Wawanakwa Gone Wild
4. Lindsay - TDDDDI
5. Courtney - The Sucky Outdoors
6. Cody - Newf Kids on the Rock
7. Heather - The EX-Files
8. Heather - African Lying Safari
9. Justin - Beach Blanket Bogus
10. Chef - Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Reunion Special

Jax was the first person to submit the answers when it was time to, and he wins immunity. While the vote officially begins tomorrow, anybody who wants to can vote now. No immunity idol e-mail will be sent. If anybody has the hidden immunity and wants to play it, this vote will be the last opportunity to do so. They may play it for themselves or anybody else, but they must make it clear who they are playing it for in the e-mail they send with their vote.

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