Welcome back, everyone, to The Game. Yesterday, the finale continued.

Congratulations, final two. Here are the instructions for the finale:

The jury may now vote for a winner. The vote closes tonight at 9:00 PM EST. You are voting for who you want to win The Game. You must vote for Aimers or Jax, refusing to properly vote will result in consequences.

Reasons They Should Win


Why should I win? I don't know. I played this game with regrets and I am lucky to even be at the end. I made so many enemies during this and the jury is very bitter. I understand and I accept my loss if no jury members vote for me. I guess I might as well explain my gameplay now. I played a strong game to try to put myself in good positions with my closest allies originally. AJ, OHF, and CD. We wanted to go to the end. We made power plays voting off strong contestants but in the end, things fell apart when CD went home and the merge came around. OHF could not be saved by the first vote by the alliance of Bigez-TDF-Bb-Jax and I knew we were in trouble. I made a plea to Jax to try to vote off TDF since he had the most votes in an effort to save me and AJ but it was to no avail. Jax told me he and Bigez were going to vote off AJ or being a threat or they would vote me. The order was reversible so it ended up being a failed plan. AJ went home and I became extremely upset that I had lost my ally. It came down to the final 6. Bigez went home on sheer luck and the game progressed from that. here I am, Final two. I know jury, you are bitter, and I am ashamed, but I have one last final stand to make on this Game. Look, we all know the ruling alliance was originally Bb, TDF, and Bigez. They were going to vote me AJ and OHF off one by one. Clearly it did not work out as they went home. But it is unfair to penalize us for voting you off and you losing The Game. YOU would have done the same, yet we would not have been upset because we were accepting loss. You thought you had this in the bag. It's a twist of The Game and I apologize for all the evil that has gone down, but ultimately, it is just a game and the situation would have been exactly the same had Bigez, TDF, and Bb had the majority. This is why I find the complaints unjust. However, I will not fight it. If I lose this game, I accept the loss and am proud of making it this far despite the problems along the way. I do hope you vote for me to win because I did play a strong game whether it will be admitted or not. I performed a blindside and survive multiple eliminations by forming tight alliances. A lot of what I did was behind the scenes so it probably is not clear. I hope you can see the GOOD in my game and not just focus only on the bad. I sincerely apologize to everyone I have wronged and I hope this not affect future relations. If you vote for me, I thank you with all of my heart, if not I understand. Thank you.


Alright, this is it. The final day. The last ending. Here's why I think I should win:
I don't think any of you can deny that I played a great game. I used strategy to get where I am, and I understand I hurt some people along the way. I apologize to those of you and will go into greater detail with that at a later time. My strategy brought me to the top. You should vote for me because I played this game smartly. I don't have much to say, and, as far as The Game goes, I wasn't the nicest competitor or the most trustworthy, but I stayed true to my right-hand man, Aimers. All the others who I played, cheated, lied to, you were pawns in my eyes before, but, once again, I apologize for my actions. That's it. I have nothing more to say on the subject.

Jury Questions

RoseGui asked: Why do you deserve to win? Who are the people that helped you the most throughout the game? Who were your friends? What was your strategy to get so far?

TDF asked: Do you both honestly think you deserve to win? Both of your tactics were a bit devious and you both back stabbed a lot of people.

AJ asked: I personally don't want either to win. I love them both as people, but as competitors, they played the dirty way. I guess it paid off, but I was hoping I (or someone else) could prove that you don't have to backstab allies and go behind peoples backs to win these kind of games.

OHF asked: I have a question for both Aimers and Jax. I'm thinking of a number from 1-10. Pick one. The closest answer will get my vote.

BB asked: I don't have any actual questions. Personally, I do not believe either of you should win because your tactics were beyond horrible. I hope a true winner comes out of this competition, if either of you or anyone catch my drift. If I have to ask question, it would be: Why did you both play the game so tricky? I do not expect an answer from either of you, however, I expect, at the minimum, a response.

Bigez asked: Why do you think you deserve to win?



Rose - I think I deserve to win because I put a lot of effort into making it this far and I did play a strong game regardless of the mishaps along the way. People criticize me for my Game but I actually did a lot. I created a strong alliance that blindsided a strong contestant in the beginning and was able to create more alliances when those fell apart. I was able to build alliances with TDF to eliminate people who I thought played the game cruelly (which they would beg to differ). I stayed true to myself until the merge where everything started to fall apart. But even then, I was still a strong player and Jax and I did make it to the end of the game. Regardless if people want us there or not, we must have done SOMETHING right to get there. Otherwise we would not be in the finals.The people who helped me the most in The Game are CD, OHF, AJ, Jax, Rose, and TDF Those first three were my original alliance and together we made strong power plays in the beginning. Jax brought me under his wing and helped me survive and were one of the poeple I trusted the most in The Game. TDF saved me in many votes (although later he would try to vote me out as well >.>). I know I can say that my friends in the competition are CD, OHF, and Jax and I wish to say that AJ and TDF don't hate me after this but honestly, if they do, I can't change that. My strategy to get this far was to build alliances with people I could trust to get to the end. Ultimately, equally strong alliances in the game opposed them like Bigez's and that forced me to change it up, but I was still able to get here and play this Game strong.

TDF - Yes, and no. I do think I deserve to win because I did play a strong game that involved a lot of strategy which is exactly what this Game is about. However, I do accept that many of you are bitter because you were eliminated. I do want to point out that you did mention our backstabbing as a key part of your statement. I can't deny what we did was devious. However, I believe it is unjust to hold us to those claims because we were not the only ones who backstabbed others yet those other people are not being complained about because they are out. Honestly, some of you played just as devious games but you failed to make it to the end because ultimately that coin toss did not fall in your favor. Whether you like it or not, it is the truth, we all played devious games....

AJ - AJ, I will never forgive myself for voting you off. It was a move I made to protect myself and I realized immediately after how horrible it was. AJ, I wanted us to get to the end. I tried, I asked Jax to spare both of us and vote off TDF to force a tie but he would not have it. Bigez, TDF, and Bb wanted the biggest threats out of The Game and they were us. They decided to vote you out and were going to vote me out if I didn't vote with them. I guess it was just my fear of going home that drove it....if you don't vote for me I understand as I know what I did was wrong. I just hope that we can still be friends after this....Oh and one more thing. Bigez played just as dirty of a game to try to get to the end. He backstabbed AJ who he claimed he was in an alliance with. How can you yell at me and Jax like this and not get mad at Bigez at all? There are more players in this Game who made devious moves besides us. Open your eyes, the criticism is enough.

OHF - Idk, 3, Read the next to responses for more info.

BB - I didn't plan on playing this game tricky, but it turned out that way when I heard that Bigez was trying to send me home. I then decided to work with Jax to try to make it to the end. I have nothing else to say about how I played this game besides that it was too devious for me. I don't know if I ever want to play like this ever again.

Bigez - I've had a change of heart since the first three jury answers and I am positive this is the right thing for me to do. I do not deserve to win this game and therefore, I ask the jury to vote for Jax instead of me. He played an amazing game and he should win this. I don't like the way I played this and quite frankly, I'm done with this. I don't want to ever feel like this again. I can't shake the horrid fact that I betrayed some of my closest friends here and that is something I will never forgive myself for. You could say that more or less I'm quitting, and that is fairly accurate. I want to give up all hopes of winning this game if that means rebuilding the friendships I have lost through this process. Thank you for the experience, and please, future contestants, don't make my mistake and betray those you care for with all your heart. Please vote for Jax....


RoseGui - Look above at my paragraph for why I deserve to win. Aimers and Bigez definitely helped me the most throughout the game, but Aimers was my right-hand man. My friends were: You, Aimers, OHF, Ryan, and I'd like to say AJ but I don't think the feeling is returned as far as The Game goes.

TDF - I can't say I'll be happy with winning, because I know all it will do is ruin my relationships further. However, my reasons for winning are stated above, and I stick to what I said.

AJ - You don't give a question, I don't give an answer. o.o

OHF - Six. Also, I want to talk to you, because I don't understand why you think I backstabbed you. Please comment with your feelings, I really am curious, as all I believe I did was inform you that you were going to get eliminated.

BB - I decided to try the antagonist role. Trust me, I don't usually, but I wanted to see what I could do. I took it myself as a fun challenge with strategy and such. However, I do believe I went a little crazy with my position of power, and led to all these eliminations.

Bigez - See answer to RoseGui.

The Winner

The votes have been tallied. The person who receives the most votes will win The Game.

One jury member did not vote, however due to the fact that their vote will not change the decision, they may vote at a later time.

The pre-jury members were asked to vote for who they'd like to win, and the person who got the most of the pre-jury votes would gain an extra jury vote to prevent a tie. Five pre-jury votes went to Aimers, while Jax only received three, so Aimers gets one vote.

One vote for Jax. That's one for Aimers and one for Jax.

One vote for Aimers. That's two votes for Aimers and one for Jax.

One vote for Jax. That's two votes for Aimers and two votes for Jax.

One vote for Aimers. That's three votes for Aimers and two votes for Jax.

The winner of The Game is... Aimers!

Aimers, you have won The Game.

Congratulations to Aimers for winning The Game and thank you all for an unforgettable season.

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