Welcome, everyone, to The Game! Starting now, sixteen users have begun the adventure of a lifetime. They have been divided into two teams:

Team A (Flaming Flamingos)

Team B (Beaming Boars)

Now, there are two ways to win immunity in this game. One is to win the challenge, which will be revealed in a moment. The other is to have the hidden immunity idol. After every challenge, a member of the losing team will randomly be selected by me. The player will receive an e-mail with instructions to do something, i.e. a riddle to solve. If they complete the task before it is time to vote, they will have a hidden immunity idol. There is only one idol in the game at a time. The idol cannot be given away. Using the idol will be described in the voting description.

Today's challenge is to come up with team names and symbols. Both teams must create two team names, one for themselves and one for the other team. The team name must be a verb ending in -ing, followed by an animal name, i.e. Screaming Gophers. The teams must also create a symbol for the two team names they come up with. The symbol should represent the name, i.e. this. Upload the symbols to the wiki. One member of each team must then e-mail me (Subject: "(Team A/B) Challenge 1") the names they came up with and links to the symbols. The team that creates the best names and symbols will win immunity. (Hint: Alliteration in the team names would sound nice, and a good artist would be useful.) If you have any questions, comment them below. The challenge begins as of this blog being posted. The entries are due by Monday at 5:00 PM EST.

The losing team will have to vote somebody off. Each team member will send me an e-mail with their vote (Subject: "(Username)'s Vote Elimination One). The votes will remain a secret until the end of the game. The player who receives the most votes against them will be voted out of the game and never return. Ever. If a player wants to play a hidden immunity idol, they must include in their e-mail that they are playing it. If there is a tie in the votes, the player who has received the most votes in the past will be eliminated. If that still results in a tie, a coin will be flipped in real life by me. You are not allowed to vote for yourself, a person who won immunity (not counting immunity idols), or a person not in the game. If you do any of these things you will not be allowed to vote at the following elimination. If you won't have access to e-mail during the vote, you may e-mail me your vote before hand, as a precaution. A deadline will be posted for when the votes must be submitted by and if they are not received by me before this time then you don't vote at that elimination.

Flaming Flamingos

Flaming Flamingos

Beaming Boars for The Game

Beaming Boars

If you have any questions, please submit them below. Thank you and good luck.

Both teams have submitted the team names and pictures. Team A submitted the "Flaming Flamingos" and "Beaming Boars" and Team B submitted "Vanishing Vipers" and "Stunning Storks." The artwork from both teams was very good. In the end, the winning team is Team A, which will now be known as the Flaming Flamingos. Team B, the Beaming Boars, must vote somebody off. The vote will begin tomorrow. Beaming Boars, please check your e-mails, one of you will receive an e-mail offering the chance to get an immunity idol.

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