Welcome back, everyone, to The Game. Yesterday, the Flaming Flamingos had to vote somebody out. In what may have been the first blindside of the season, Ale was voted out, 4-2-1.

The teams have been mixed.

Flaming Flamingos

Beaming Boars

Flaming Flamingos for The Game

New Flamingos Logo

Beaming Boars

New Boars Logo

The challenge is to make new team logos. Re-create the Flaming Flamingos and Beaming Boars logos so that they are different from the current ones. You do not need to follow the format of an animal in a circle like in Total Drama, but you may if you like. One person from each team must submit two team logos. The winning team will be the one with the better logos. The challenge is due tomorrow at 5:00 EST PM. (Do not attach the pics in the e-mail, upload them and send me links.)

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