Welcome back, everyone, to The Game. Yesterday, the Beaming Boars lost the challenge and had to vote somebody out. Dakota was voted out, 3-1-1 (One person did not vote).

Flaming Flamingos

Beaming Boars

Today's challenge is to submit funny captions for the following images. The team to submit the funnier captions will win. One caption per image. One member of each team will submit the captions. The challenge is due by tomorrow at 5:00 PM EST.

The Flaming Flamingos' captions:

The Beaming Boars' captions:

Here is the winning team for each image:

  • Image 1 - Flaming Flamingos
  • Image 2 - Beaming Boars
  • Image 3 - Beaming Boars
  • Image 4 - Flaming Flamingos
  • Image 5 - Beaming Boars
  • Image 6 - Beaming Boars
  • Image 7 - Beaming Boars

In a score of 5-2, the Beaming Boars win immunity! One member of the Flaming Flamingos will receive an e-mail about the immunity idol. The Flamingos will vote somebody off tomorrow.

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