The Game recently came to an exciting conclusion, and Aimers was crowned the winner. Join me now as we look back on the adventure sixteen users went on over thirty days.

The Game started out with two teams; The Flaming Flamingos made up of Aimers, AJ, Ale, Alex, BB, Bigez, CD-TDA and Dakota, and the Beaming Boars made up of Jax, Kota, OHF, Reddy, RoseGui, Ryan, TDA15, and TDF.

The contestants were all forming first impressions and excited to be playing:

"I'm so pumped to compete in The Game! >:D I plan to give it my all and shoot for first place, but who doesn't. The sad part is, we've all lost already. So, logistically, we're all seeking redemption by just playing The Game. I promise everyone, though, I will be the first person in the history of FOREVER to win The Game! >:D Bring it on, Renrut, I'll take anything you have to throw at me."
- Reddy, Day One

"I can't believe I made it onto Nalyd's new competition! I cant believe I have a chance to win! I really wonder if I'll survive out here. I have this weird feeling that some fo the people here might be out to get me...But I'll try to ignore that. I had a good conversation with this person named TDF. He's kind of strange..."
-Aimers, Day One

"I am, like, so excited to join this game! The only thing is that I don’t want any ugly people on my team. Did you know ugliness is contagious?"
-Dakota, Day One

"Well, I see that I've been accepted. It also seems that some users think they're actually gonna get far. Well, as long as I'm in this game, I will stop at nothing to win. My biggest competition here is probably Ryan. After seeing him play in some previous seasons, he might be an actual threat. As for everyone else? Please. I can eliminate them in the flick of a finger. Yeah, I may seem nice, and I may help out in the challenges or seem like a valuable teammate, but on the inside, nobody will stand in my way. No one."
-OHF, Day One

"...My team sucks. >.>"
-TDA15, Day One

The first challenge was to submit team logos and team names. CD-TDA submitted pictures and names for the Flamingos.

"I can tell this 'CD' person is going to be a good asset; those names aren't that bad. But... those drawings 'Dakota' made could have been a little better. Eh, I'm sure it'll be enough to win... probably a lot better than what I could have done. I'm sorry, I'm an analyst. I hope we win because I do dig that Flamin' Flamingos logo over the Beaming Boars one. The other team doesn't look like it'll be much of a threat."
-BB, Day One

Reddy submitted team logos and names, coming up with the Vanishing Vipers and Stunning Storks. The Flamingos won and their logos and names became official. The Beaming Boars then had to face their first elimination. Reddy received an e-mail with a riddle about an immunity idol. He got the riddle right, and got the immunity idol. The Boars contemplated their loss:

"Am I worried about getting voted off? No. My team would be stupid to kick me out when there's so many other less experienced players on the team. Reddy's not an option because he won us the challenge, but we don't need Jax. And, for the record, I am so glad that I'm not on Dakota's team."
-Ryan, Day One

"Okay, so it totally sucks! My team: The Beaming Boars lost the first challenge, and now we have to vote somebody out. This is hard. I hate to have to give anyone the boot....everyone deserves to be here more than me. I probably have the least amount of edits :(. I just hope the anvil of elimination doesn't fall on me......"
-Kota, Day One

"So, today's the vote. I'm really on edge, though, since I told jax I had the Idol last night and he randomly disappeared. I didn't play it while voting, so now it's out of my hands. If I get voted out of this game with the Idol in my pocket, I'll be ticked. CD's a fishy character, too. She's been talking to be about the vote a lot, which is worrying me that she's conspiring with a few of my teammates. If I ever have to use the idol, I'm using it to send CD home. Way too much of a threat, it seems."
-Reddy, Day Two

While the Boars were dreading their first elimination, the Flamingos celebrated their win:

"Our team is filled with artistic, smarts, and clever ideas. There's really no way we can lose more than once."
-Bigez, Day One

Some, however, looked forward to being able to vote out their teammates:

"I can't believe we won the first challenge! I just know our team will do great. But I'm worried...This Alex kid is really nice and I fear he might get the early boot. I hope to keep him around and maybe he'll be of use to my strategy later on...I wonder who will go home on the other team...That Reddy kid was looking for Jax. Are they in some sort of alliance or does Reddy have some master plan involving the idol...? Speaking of alliances, I really trust CD. I hope she wants to be on my side in this game. We could go far!"
-Aimers, Day One

"The Flaming Flamingos team is stacked. And by the way, my team would have definitely lost without me. I don’t think anyone else had the skill or ability to complete the drawing portion of the challenge. Except for Ale. If I want to be useful to my team, I may need to get her out sooner than later."
-Dakota, Day Two

"To be honest, I'm usually not a fan of eliminating the threats first since they can help your team, but since this isn't my team, I really don't care. I'm hoping Ryan gets eliminated. He's up to no good and I have information from several sources that he's already allying with people. Guy's pretty sneaky. Once Ryan gets eliminated, it will be a "GOLLY!" moment."
-CD-TDA, Day Two

The Boars chose to vote out Kota:

"I vote for Kota. He's weak and a liability. Plus he was one of the people not to help with the challenge."
-Reddy, Day Two

"So it seems the Beaming Boars are going to vote out Kota...All of this inside information is making my head spin. Looks like OHF's plan to get TDF out will fail. Only if the idol will be played will this work out....That is if Kota actually has it. I can only wonder what will happen at the first elimination ceremony..."
-Aimers, Day Two

"Okay, so I know I'm probably getting the boot really bums me out, cause the number of edits shouldn't matter. Oh well......It's been nice playing this game...."
-Kota, Day Two

"I, RoseGui, vote off Kota."
-RoseGui, Day Two

On day three, the teams had to identify where five images were from. Reddy submitted answers for the Beaming Boars, getting three right. CD-TDA got all five right for the Flamingos, sending the Boars back to elimination. The Flamingos celebrated their second victory in a row:

"You can thank Aimers and I for that victory, Flaming Flamingos. He found out one image and I found out the rest. Yup. We're pretty much unstoppable right now."
-CD-TDA, Day Three

On day three, The Game was already full of strategy:

"It seems TDF and Jax have some sort of alliance. That could really mess up future gameplay. Looks like Jax has the idol. I hope he wants to team up with me. I really trust him and we share a lot in common. It seems Reddy and OHF are in trouble and there seems to be nothing they can do. I trust OHF but I guess TDF makes some very good points. Enough about that, I can't believe we almost lost the challenge! If we did, chaos would have broken loose. I don't think Alex will be going home...If the predictions ome true.....this will be crazy."
-Aimers, Day Three

"I found out through Jax that Reddy has the hidden immunity idol. I would be an idiot not to vote him off.
-Ryan, Day Three

"So, apparently, no one has gotten that immunity idol yet. I've heard rumors straight from the other team - won't say who just yet - that Jax got the immunity idol, but I guess not. Then again, Nalyd could just be bluffing and he hasn't sent a second e-mail containing a riddle or a whatever for an immunity idol. Huh. This is starting to heat up. I'm honestly surprised that Ryan and TDA15 haven't been more involved in The Game, but they could be plotting behind-the-scenes for all I know. My guess is on Reddy, TDA15 or TDF to go home. Reddy kinda screwed up the challenge for them, but TDF and TDA15 are both being targeted by certain people."
-CD-TDA, Day Four

"Two wins? In a row? Yeah, this is no competition. I really need to get in good with this CD-TDA chick. She's like a powerhouse. *looks off to the side* I wonder what the other team is thinking. In my opinion, even though Kota got eliminated, the Boars probably could have used him. I thought he was smart, but I didn't know him that well, maybe they didn't. I could be giving him too much credit; he could be as dumb as a post! But, enough about Kota, I'm going to be talking with CD-TDA a little more frequently now. Maybe she could help..."
-BB, Day Three

In the end, Reddy was eliminated with the idol.

"So, the Boars voted off Reddy. Really? I know he screwed up, but do they not know what they're left with? Reddy was probably one of the biggest assets to the Boar team.... idiots. Who's next? TDA15? TDF? Reddy, I'll miss you, man. Apparently, your team won't. *laughs*"
-BB, Day Four

"I can only wonder if I am being lied to. Reddy was eliminated tonight and it was no surprise as he lost the challenge...But it seems Ryan is going around saying he had the idol...Is this some kind of trick? Either Jax lied to me now, r he lied to me beforehand about this idol he may or may not have. It bothers me to no end as this could be some manipulation on their part. However, I guess I must give them's a game well played and I do have a lot of respect for both of them. However, it seems like the game is progressing and I might be falling behind. OHF will be the next target unless Rose does something wrong...Is it time to throw a challenge to set of the gears in our team? Do I even have the guts to do it? Will my closest allies even let me? There are some threats on my team that have a very good chance at winning this game....Am I becoming that evil?"
-Aimers, Day Four

On day five, the teams had to identify which Total Drama character said which quotes in which episodes. First, CD-TDA sent in all correct answers for the Flamingos. Then, Alex sent answers in for the Flamingos. Finally, TotalDramaFan1000 sent in all correct answers for the Boars. The Flamingos were disqualified due to two people submitting answers. The Flamingos were less than pleased with their loss:

"WHO DID IT!? WHO. DID. IT!? We could have won! For a third time! But, no... SOMEBODY had to screw it all up for us and send our answers in... after they were already sent in! This is ludicrous! This is-- Hmm... *thinks*... perfect time to start implementing... a plan."
-BB, Day Five

"My vote is for Alex. I sent in the answers first, correctly might I add, and then he screwed it up by sending a second e-mail with an incorrect answer. Sorry, but you've gotta go."
-CD-TDA, Day Five

"I'm super nervous I'll be voted off, CD told me that she isn't voting me off because I at least tried, unlike the rest of the team. I can also count on Aimers not voting me off, out of the entire team he seems to be the one who I'm closest to. If I do manage to survive this elimination I'll be SUPER grateful, I want to at least make it past the merge!"
-Alex, Day Five

"According to CD, it was Alex who lost us the challenge. I however, do not believe this. Even if it was Alex, my vote wouldn’t matter because everyone else is voting for him anyways. Maybe my vote would even freak her out a little bit!"
-Dakota, Day Five

"His fate has already been sealed by a huge mistake... I vote Alex..."
-Aimers, Day Five

Alliances were being formed across the two teams:

"So, apparently, Alex thinks that we won all our challenges because of him. As if. We actually lost a challenge because of him and only him. He's apparently voting for BB and I've offered him being an ally so he won't vote for me, but I'd be surprised if he even made it past this elimination. Just strategy, no hard feelings. Alex is a nice guy, but you've got to cut the weak links off the team. That's pretty much my strategy. I'm not really out for anyone just yet, but as long as I have some allies, I can count on the vote being favorable towards me. Speaking of alliances, I already have an inter-team alliance with OHF and I've learned from Jax himself that he got the immunity idol e-mail and got it correct although he didn't get the idol because Reddy already had it. That's certainly interesting. DO YOU FIND THIS INTERESTING, NALYD? HUH?!?!!?!?!??!!?!? :@"
-CD-TDA, Day Five

Bigez got the immunity idol. In the end, Alex was voted out.

"Well, that's what I get for trying to win the challenge, rather than not doing anything. I'd like to thank the one person who didn't vote for me, probably Aimers, he's a really great teammate."
-Alex, Day Six

"Glad that's over. I was told by a little birdie that TdiAlex screwed up our chances of winning... and now he's gone. Perfect. However, at the ceremony, Nalyd told me someone voted for me. And, now that I think about it, I know exactly who it was. Thanks to that one person voting for me, my plan will be falling perfectly into place."
-BB, Day Six

On day seven, the teams had to send in theme songs for Total Drama characters. Jax sent in character for the Boars, and BB sent in songs for the Flamingos. The Boars won the challenge, sending the Flamingos to their second elimination in a row:

"The vote keeps getting harder and harder, but the only logical choice is the one who wasn't involved; Dakota."
-Bigez, Day Seven

"Good news for our team is that it's vote time. I think I may know exactly who to vote for, too; sleeve aces are so much fun."
-BB, Day Seven

"I guess it's time to come out with the truth...I tried throwing that challenge. I guess I was just afraid that if we won, I would be voted out immediately at the merge when Ryan and Ale's alliance thing comes into effect. I guess I was scared of their strength in the competition. Somehow, we lost even without me trying to make us lose, so I guess things may work differently. It seems The general consensus is to vote off Dakota, but I don't know if that is the best idea. He is very good at art challenges, and I have a feeling he will be more useful. I feel like such a villain, and it doesn't feel right. I just hope this will all play out the way it should..."
-Aimers, Day Seven

"I don't know how I feel about Aimers and CD trying to throw the challenge yesterday. I tried my best to avoid throwing it, even telling BB secretly trying to get him to change a couple at the last minute but I don't think he fully believed me. I know we need some of Ryan's alliance eliminated, but still I don't think this is the right way."
-AJ, Day Eight

"As of now, Aimers thinks he runs the game. He is wrong. While he does have my support, I do think there’s something a little shady about him..."
-Dakota, Day Eight

Despite their win, the Boars' scheming continued:

"Aimers is trying to eliminate Ale and BB. He thinks they might be in an alliance with Jax and Ryan. Currently, I'm in an alliance with CD and Aimers, and hopefully, they can sabotage their team a little. I participated a lot in the challenge today because Aimers told me TDF thinks I'm useless. :| I'm not sure if that was a lie or not, but, it wouldn't hurt to participate."
-OHF, Vote Seven

"Assuming that the merge is the final ten, hopefully I can make it and ally with Ale, Bigez, and Jax; nobody will vote them off, so I'll be the only target in the alliance. And I know they're going to be faithful, because although they're dear friends of mine, they're kind of dumb."
-Ryan, Day Eight

The Flamingos voted out Ale:

" I vote Ale-Alejandro (Ale) because she is a huge threat in the competition. I hope she doesn't hate me afterwards... :("
-Aimers, Day Eight

"Voted Ale off. Like a boss. No, but seriously, it wasn't anything personal. TDF is all "lulz BB and CD and AJ" have an alliance. 2/3 of that is true. Aimers, AJ and I have an alliance and I know what's going on in the other team thanks to OHF. There's just way too many things that can happen if Ale makes it to the merge, and I don't really want any other alliances going on. My strategy here is simple: getting to the final three. I might have not contributed much in this challenge, but it all came out favorable to me and my alliance in the end."
-CD, Day Eight

On Day Nine, the teams were rearranged. The new Flamingos were Aimers, AJ, BB, Ryan, TDA15, and TDF. The new Boars were Bigez, CD-TDA, Dakota, Jax, OHF, and RoseGui.

"Trouble awaits me now! New teams have been formed and I fear I may be on the chopping block if Awesome, TDF, Ryan, and Bb are in an alliance. AJ might go before me but I still fear the worst. On top of this, Dakota seems to think I am lying to him when i truthfully want to take him into the game to the final five or better. If he can't listen to me and the new Beaming Boars team loses, chaos will emerge and my fate in the game will sink. But first I must survive this elimination by giving my best effort in this challenge. I think I might be able to do well....but it all depends on if my art concept is good enough to beat Dakotas for immunity. Only time will tell what will happen here..."
-Aimers, Day Nine

The teams had to re-design the team logos. Only the Flamingos submitted pictures, so the Boars had to vote:

"Alright, I'm kind of upset at Dako. I didn't exactly want him on my team in the first place, but now he forgot to do the challenge that he promised he would. That's basically why I voted for him. So, bye bye Dako! :)"
-Jax, Day Ten

"Good bye Dakota...I really didn't want to see you go but it is clear you will be voted out by your team when everyone finishes voting. You refused to trust the group and your lack of a performance in the challenge sealed your fate...I still wanted you to stay but CD has a mind of her own sometimes...I wonder if AJ and I can even survive if we lose a challenge. Hopefully we do, but I fear the worst."
-Aimers, Day Ten

Dakota was voted out.

On day eleven, the teams had to write funny captions for pictures. Bigez sent in captions for the Boars and TDA15 sent in captions for the Flamingos. The Boars won.

"It's gonna be a tough vote. We're either going with Ryan or BB. I know TDF and AJ want Ryan out, and me and Ryan want BB out. It all just comes down to Aim."
-TDA15, Day Eleven

"So I got two proposals, one to vote Ryan and one to vote BB. I have no clue which to pick. Ryan might be a threat, but BB is no use to the team generally."
-AJ, Day Eleven

"Ugh, We lost the challenge and that means my head is on the chopping block. My only hope is to vote off Ryan which now I dread to do. He has been such a positive force to the team but it seems the people who i am with still want him out and I must go with the plan. It might not even work for all I know, but I did make an agreement with them and I don't want to play this game lying to those I promised...."
-Aimers, Day Eleven

"Alright, so, this is probably my last confessional before the game ends. My incompetent teammates have probably already voted me off right now - stupid mistake, by the way. I just want to say that I don't even need them; I worked better on my own, anyways, and I was helpful, unlike some people. If they do come to the conclusion to vote me off, which would be a grievous error on their part, I'd like to say, I hope they all get picked off one-by-one by the Beaming Boars, which is a way better team, for the record. All I did for this team was help them but if that's not enough, have fun losing without me. Goodbye and good riddance."
-Ryan, Day Eleven

In the end, a very divided Flaming Flamingos voted out Ryan:

"It would've been perfect. I force a tie between Ryan and Aim by getting BB and Ryan to vote with me for Aim. But no. Ryan had to go with his own plan and get himself eliminated. His loss."
-TDA15, Day Twelve

"The day has come...I have survived....barely. TDA15 has been playing EVERYONE in this game and it bothers me to no end he can lie to people like that. He TOLD AJ to vote Ryan yet lied to him and voted me. If he voted me independently of this it would have been fine. But to lie, it's just ridiculous to see how far he is trying to play this game by manipulating others. Bb seems to have a plan to vote off AJ but I have other ideas. I'm going to talk to TDF and see if we can vote off TDA15....It might save me, him, and AJ all at once from TDA15's manipulations."
-Aimers, Day Twelve

"Wow, this gameplay is really getting to me. I mean I've been allied with Aimers since the beginning, but can I really trust him? And I can't believe Awesome was playing us all, at least he didn't succeed in voting Aimers cause I probably would have been next then...well I still could be."
-AJ, Day Twelve

Day thirteen has no challenge or elimination.

"So what will happen tomorrow? a Non elimination today....maybe a twist tomorrow? I can only fear the worst that my elimination is coming very very soon. My only hope is to trust TDF and AJ but honestly I feel this may be time. I will go down swinging and I will not give up. If Awesome has the idol my time is done but I will keep going to survive. I want to make it to the final's to surviving two more eliminations!"
-Aimers, Day Thirteen

On day fourteen, the contestants had to face a double elimination where both teams would vote somebody out.

"Sadly, to stay alive in the game, I have to vote off my good friend Bigez620. I don't really want to do this, but at the moment, it's the only way I can stay in the game. Sorry, Bigez."
-CD-TDA, Day Fourteen

"Good bye The Game. I believe it is my head on the chopping block...I am about to go home. Ryan, Awesome and WM are spreading lies about me and I guess they will influence the team. They will vote me out next and this will be the end. I wish AJ luck if I don't make it out of this and if I do......I will try so hard to survive."
-Aimers, Day Fourteen

"Aimers, CD and I are in an alliance. Pretty simple. What they don't know however, is that they're pretty much taking me to the finale. I'm literally doing nothing. I get to relax while CD does all the work, which makes her sort of a threat. So, when the merge comes and I need to backstab them, she's out first. Nobody expects anything from me, which is good. Being the underdog has it's advantages... ;)"
-OHF, Day Fourteen

"I know I have this immunity idol, but I don't see any purpose in using it yet. I know two people voting for CD for the next elimination, might as well join in and get rid of a threat."
-Bigez, Day Fourteen

"I choose to vote for TDA15. DUN. DUN. DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN."
-BB, Day Fifteen

TDA15 and CD-TDA were eliminated. OHF missed the vote, but saw it as a positive:

"Had I voted for Bigez, CD would have stayed, and she's a threat. Had I voted for CD, Aimers would have known, and our alliance would be over. I couldn't vote, however, and so, I still have Bigez, Jax, and Aimers on my side. This is going very well."
-OHF, Day Fifteen

On day sixteen, Aimers, AJ, BB, Bigez, Jax, OHF, RoseGui, TDA15, and TotalDramaFan1000 became the final eight as the teams merged. The contestants had an editing contest.

"I think I have this first immunity challenge in the bag. I have to play my cards right though....this vote will change the game and I have no idea what to do. Should I follow AJ, TDF, and Bigez by voting OHF or try to make a move?"
-Aimers, Day Seventeen

Aimers was correct, as he won the first challenge.

"I won immunity and it feels great! But thing are crazy. I don't know who to vote and many people told me to vote TDF....I'm running out of time so I have to vote quickly. I hope this doesn't go bad."
-Aimers, Day Eighteen

"Okay... well... this is my last confessional. That's right. Everyone I thought was in an alliance with me, is actually gunning for me... Bigez, AJ... maybe Aimers. IDK. My biggest mistake was not voting last time. Had I voted, Bigez would have been eliminated, and the alliance of Jax, AJ and Bigez would have been weakened. CD, Aimers and I would pretty much dominate. I could have actually had a shot.vI was a crappy villain, but, yeah. Eight place isn't that bad, right?"
-OHF, Day Eighteen

OHF was correct, and was voted out. He became the first jury member.

"Alright this was another tough vote and I'm torn between alliances again. I don't want to upset anyone! I know I went against Aimers and voted OHF, but I mean, it really was for the better. If I had voted TDF and TDF hadn't gotten eliminated, Aimers and I would both be dead! I wonder how the rest of this is going to play out."
-AJ, Day Eighteen

On day nineteen, the final seven had to choose a random number.

"The longer this game progresses, the crazier it becomes. My closest ally is Jax. I trusted AJ but all of a sudden he seems to be clinging to Bigez and that worries me. I definitely don't want to see him go but it may be the best if he does not want to make big moves. Jax, Rose, and I are trying to do our best. I am on the chopping block if I do not win immunity. If I do, AJ is going home based on what I have heard from Jax and Bigez. I cannot stop it. If I do not win immunity, TDF will be my target. I will try to get AJ and Rose on my side...if it works out, I will survive and big changes will take place in this game. If not, well...I'll be joining OHF as the second member of the jury. I guess that's not so bad after all. I will probably vote for Jax to win the game. He has the best chance of making it to the end and I trust him with all my heart now..."
-Aimers, Day Nineteen

TotalDramaFan1000 won immunity. At this point, Bigez was in control of The Game.

"I guess it's either me or AJ going home. Bigez has full control and I can only hope I have been saved. I had to vote AJ to follow my directions. Hopefully, he doesn't hate me...I really did not want to do it but it seems like my only option. I hope if I survive, that next week, Bb or TDF will go home. They are Bigez's closest allies and jax needs to see that they HAVE to be taken out."
-Aimers, Day Twenty

"I really feel like I'm going to end up winning this. I have an immunity idol and tons of users that trust me. I may just end up running The Game."
-Bigez, Day Twenty

AJ was voted out.

On Day Twenty-One, the final six had to identify quotes from characters and episodes of Total Drama. Jax won immunity.

"This is most likely my last confessional. And with it I herby thank everyone for the experience of The Game. I am probably going home. It all depends on Bb. However, I know he is very close with Bigez so getting him to vote his friend off will be a challenge only Jax can accomplish. Will he be able to succeed? I don't think he will. However, I have no hard feelings for him, he has been an amazing ally. I also want to thank TDF for saving me in The Game MANY times. Thank you. I also want to apologize to AJ for everything. I regret voting you out and I hope you don't hate me. I will never forgive myself if we can never go back to what we were. If you never forgive me, I understand....I just wish I never hurt your feelings. Thank you for this experience. Sixth place feels great. This is most likely my final confessional. Aimers's signing out....for the final time."
-Aimers, Day Twenty-One

Aimers was wrong.

"I vote Aim, but I wish to keep my immunity idol in hand, yet again. xD"
-Bigez, Day Twenty-One

In two days, Bigez went from in-charge of The Game to voted out with an idol in hand.

On day twenty-three, the final five had to vote somebody out. There was no challenge.

According to Aimers, he and Jax took over The Game, with Bigez gone:

"Hmmm, this game seems to be in control of myself and Jax if things go right. I got unbelievably lucky and now I have a good chance of making it to the end. It seems TDF will go home this week for being a strong challenge competitor. I would rather vote Bb but TDF overall has a greater chance of winning this game. This game has become so stressful, I wonder how events wil turn out later."
-Aimers, Day Twenty-Three

However, their control was not a guarantee:

"Five will soon become four when he's eliminated. TDF, I sure hope you know what you're getting yourself into. I choose to vote for Jax."
-BB, Day Twenty-Four

"Ahh, this game is difficult >.<, we need to be quite active and everything and I kind of see myself as the weakest link =(. I just hope I win the season..."
-RoseGui, Day Twenty-Four

In the end, TDF was voted out and becamethe fourth jury member.

On day twenty-five, the final four had to answer trivia questions about The Game. Aimers won immunity.

"Wow......I can't believe I made it this far. I won immunity and am guaranteed a spot in the final three! If I play my cards right, I will win this game! Oh wow, I can't believe it...I wasn't even expecting to get this far. I was playing for eighth but now....I can do it! We will see...We will see..."
-Aimers, Day Twenty-Six

On day twenty-seven, the final three had to pick a random number between one and one hundred to win.

Aimers continued to feel guilty over his behavior in The Game:

"I have a change of heart. I don't believe I want to win this anymore. I have done so much wrong that I can not bear to feel the pain that I have put on others. To AJ, I apologize, I cannot forgive myself for what I did. To TDF, I apologize for not getting to you in time. To Bb, I apologize for not remembering the message you sent me and thinking you were going after me. To everyone else in the game. I apologize for what I have done. I am ashamed. I feel terrible."
-Aimers, Day Twenty-Seven

Rose was worried over her chances of winning:

"OH MY GOSH, FINAL THREE. I'm so nervous!! What does jury think of me, do I have any chances of winning??!! These are all questions that are going through my mind, I feel like exploding. D:"
-RoseGui, Day Twenty-Seven

Aimers won the challenge, and chose to vote out Rose:

"Ugh, this vote will be the death of me...I honestly do not know who to decide and I spent forever contemplating it. I will never forgive myself for this vote....I vote RoseGui (Rose) off of the game."
-Aimers, Day Twenty-Seven

For the final three days, the jury had to choose between Aimers and Jax. In the end, Aimers was crowned the winner.

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