Welcome back to The Game: The Sequel. Yesterday, the finale began.

Here are our final two:

The winner will be decided by a jury vote. The jury will be the following contestants:

  • MTDM
  • TDN
  • CD-TDA
  • WM
  • Ryan
  • That Epic
  • BarBar

Reason-to-Win Speeches

Bigez: I think I should win mostly because I've played the game fairly. I stayed loyal to my allies even when it looked like tough times and didn't manipulate anyone. I'm just glad to have made it this far.

Bruno: Anyway, I don't know how to start this. I didn't expected to be accepted in The Game. Much less to be at the final 2. My goal was merge, which I give my best to achieve. I was even susrpised that I made it. xD I did a few things I'm not proud. I've betrayed people. It wasn't any good, I admit. Anyway, why should I win? Because I've done a lot in The Game. I've been in alliances. I've stood loyal to some people, but betrayed others. I've made friends and enemies. I've been through a lot this season, and even susrpised myself. It was a great experience for me. I didn't knew I could survive a game, before. I've played The Game, and tried my best to be safe each week, and now that I'm here, I'll try my best to win. I'm not saying I was perfect. I made mistakes, which I'm not proud about some of them. But I'm a human-being. I've learn some things, and I can say that this made me grow up, in some aspects. I know, it's not a real-life game, but it taught me the same way I'd learn in real life. I'm proud of the game I've played, and that's why I should win. At last, I'd like to thanks a lot of people. Thanks Bar and Epic, for being my allies. Without them I wouldn't be here. Thanks CD and TDN, for being my allies after merge. I wouldn't be here without them neither. Thanks WM, for being my allie for a couple hours. Thanks Bigez and MTDM, for being BFF's at the Final 3. xD And specially, thanks Nalyd, for pciking me to this, and being a awesome host. :p

Jury Questions


"What was your strategy during The Game?" is my first question. My second question is "What would you have done differently during your time in The Game: The Sequel?"


All of my questions are for Bruno. :)

  1. Why did you make that decision in day twenty two to eliminate me?
  2. What was going in your mind after my good friend, TDIFan13 got eliminated?
  3. Why do you think you think I should vote for you, especially after eliminating me and TDIFan13?

Thank you for your time. :)


I think I already know.. who I'm voting for, as you two probably both know, but my question for you is this, what was your startegie to make it this far? Who did you trusted the most (could be more than one), did you excepted to be here? If you were in another team, what would be your so called "back-up strategie" (cuz than you weren't going to be with your allies) , who would you be allied with than? Thank you, and I wish you both good luck. :D


Alright, I have three questions: 1. Do you believe you had to backstab some people to get where you are now? If so, who? 2. As you know, I was banned a week ago for harrassing fellow user Ale-Alejandro and as you may or may not know, I have since then been trying to prove my innocence as I believe I was impersonated, so my next question is, do you believe I am innocent? You may ask CD-TDA for more details on the case. And to lighten the mood a little, 3. Do you like/liked Naruto?


I have been in an alliance with both of you. If yesterday's challenge were to be an immunity challenge and one of you two won, would you have taken me to the finals with you? If you could go back in time and change ONE of the things you would've done with season, what would it be? What number am I thinking of?


At least this final two isn't as lame as last season's. Anyways, I don't really have questions and I really don't need to make up my mind on who I'm voting for; it's clear to me that there is only one member of the final two that's a true winner. The other is a bandwagoning leech. Have fun.

That Epic

Who were your closest allies, and did you stay loyal to them. Also, what was a strategic move of another contestant that you disliked, or thought was dishonest?

Final Two Answers

Final two, please submit your answers.



My strategy was keeping loyal to my alliances. And I seriously wouldn't accept WM's offer to be in an alliance.


Because I accepted you offer to alliance, but I was at CD's alliance, and would stay loyal to my real alliance who didn't voted for me a few days ago.
Honestly, that the head of your alliance was gone.
I don't know, honestly. I didn't played a fair game with, so, I'm not expecting your vote.


My strategy was to stay loyal to my real alliances, as I've stated before.I trusted Bar, CD and TDN the most. And I didn't expected to be here. I actually was in the other team, and I didn't allies with anyone. :p


1. Yes. WM and somewhat Bigez in the final 4. 2. Yes. By what I know about you, you aren't the type who harass someone. 3. Loved. Now I just like it, but I used to love it. The Sand Village FTW! :p


Yes. I like both you and Bigez, but Bigez is more of a treath than you. :p No offense. Accepting WM's offer to be in his alliance. 8 (random number FTW!).


CD's questions:
1. I didn't really have a strategy at first. I thought I'd just play the game for a while and hopefully do well. I was in an alliance with WM and Ryan for a bit, but when they were both eliminated, I relied purely on luck and surprisingly made it to the final two.
2. I probably would have tried to develop more allies in The Game, as it seems Bruno has the advantage for having a large amount of acquaintances.
Bar's questions:
1. Same answer as CD's first question.
2. Probably Ryan or WM, since they were loyal alliance members from the beginning.
3. I really didn't expect to be here, I even thought I would be out early in the season. I guess I stayed in the game longer mostly because my team only lost on occasions.
4. Like I said before, I really didn't have a strategy up my sleeve till later on.
5. I'd probably stick with CD and the others. Hey, the larger amount of allies, the longer you last. xD
TDN's questions:
1. I didn't really think I backstabbed anyone, even when the times seemed tough. It's better to stay loyal then get far and have someone gunning at your back near the finals.
2. I don't have much of an opinion on this. There's thousands of different stories in the world, and it's hard to tell which one is right. I don't think my opinion should really matter to you, the only truth you need is your own, even if others don't believe it.
3. Sasuke FTW.
MTDM's questions:
1. I'd most likely choose you, since you showed me loyalty in my most desperate time in The Game. The best way to repay you is to take you with me.
2. Probably what I answered for Bar, I wish I could've made more acquaintances in my time on The Game.
3. 8,327,094.

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