Welcome back to The Game: The Sequel. Yesterday, the first challenge continued.


If you'd like to send a confessional, please title it "(Username)'s Confessional Day (Number)." This makes it easier for me to make the confessions blog at the end of the season.

Votes will be submitted through e-mail. When voting, please make the subject of the e-mail "(Your username)'s Vote Elimination (Number)." This season, if you miss a vote it will be counted as a vote against you. Quitting and refusing to vote are strictly forbidden. The votes will remain a secret until the end of the game. The player who receives the most votes against them will be voted out of the game and never return. Ever. If there is a tie in the votes, the player who has received the most votes in the past will be eliminated. If that still results in a tie, a coin will be flipped in real life by me. You are not allowed to vote for yourself, a person who won immunity (not counting immunity idols), or a person not in the game, or refuse to vote. If you do any of these things you will not be allowed to vote at the following elimination. If you won't have access to e-mail during the vote, you may e-mail me your vote before hand, as a precaution. A deadline will be posted for when the votes must be submitted by and if they are not received by me before this time then you don't vote at that elimination.

If there are any questions, please comment below.

The first challenge is continuing. The two users who make the most edits will become team captains. Team captains will be immune at the first votes that their teams go to and will have special advantages later in The Game, so this is an important challenge. Remember not to fluff, this isn't worth getting banned over. Here are the starting edit counts:

  • BarBar - 2102 to 2209 (107 edits)
  • Bigez - 3810 to 3830 (20 edits)
  • Bruno - 255 to 265 (10 edits)
  • CD-TDA - 10084 to 10107 (23 edits)
  • Codyfan1000 - 22 to 24 (2 edits)
  • Kota - 57 to 75 (18 edits)
  • MTDM - 350 to 364 (14 edits)
  • Nduke - 32 to 38 (6 edits)
  • NegativeNoah666 - 1773 to 1773 (0 edits)
  • Nook - 18 to 42 (24 edits)
  • Ryan - 9353 to 9397 (44 edits)
  • TDA15 - 2170 to 2266 (96 edits)
  • TDN - 63 to 105 (42 edits)
  • That Epic - 4 to 27 (23 edits)
  • WM - 15496 to 15717 (221 edits)

Use this to check your edit count. Note, only mainspace edits count.

This challenge will end today at 3:00 PM EST. If you have any questions, comment below.

WM and BarBar win and are the two team captains. In the IRC, the two will pick their teammates. There will be two teams of seven. The one person not chosen will be automatically eliminated.

WM's Team (The Devastating Domination)

BarBar's Team (The Lava Lamps)

TDA15 was not picked for either team and has been eliminated. Teams, you will receive your first team challenge tomorrow.

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