Welcome back to The Game: The Sequel. Yesterday, the teams had to make captions for seven images.

The Devastating Domination

The Lava Lamps

Here are the images and captions:

Devastating Domination:

Lava Lamps:

  • Image 1 - Point to the Lava Lamps. I don't even understand what the Domination's caption means.
  • Image 2 - Point to Devastating Domination.
  • Image 3 - I'm always amused when the captions are this similar. Point to Domination.
  • Image 4 - I'm not sure if Domination was trying to be funny but it failed horribly enough that I really want to give them a negative point, but I can't. Point for the Lamps.
  • Image 5 - Point to Domination.
  • Image 6 - Point to Lamps.
  • Image 7 - By default, point to Domination. Not only was this one of my favorite captions, the Lamps failed to submit a caption for it.

In a score of 4-3, Devastating Domination wins immunity. The Lava Lamps must vote somebody out. The vote closes tonight at 9:00 PM EST.

The votes have been submitted. The user who gets the most votes will be eliminated. If you are safe, you will receive a Hoodie of Immunity...

Hoodies go to...


MTDM, That Epic, one of you will receive the final Hoodie of Immunity and the other will be eliminated from The Game. The final Hoodie goes to...

MTDM. In a vote of 2-1, That Epic is the sixth person voted out of The Game: The Sequel.

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