Welcome back to The Game: The Sequel. Yesterday, the Lava Lamps voted out Codyfan1000.

The Devastating Domination

The Lava Lamps

Today's challenge is to identify which characters said the following quotes as well as the episodes they were in. The first team to get all answers right or the team to get the most answers right will win immunity.

  1. "Synthesis equals teleportation."
  2. "Girlfriends stick together, right?"
  3. "Cause you look slightly different in my head."
  4. "Here's a hint, they eat a lot of red meat there!"
  5. "Man, is it nice to be out of this game."

You cannot submit answers prior to 6:00 PM EST, today. The challenge is due by tomorrow at 3:00 PM EST. Only one member of each team may submit answers.

Here are the correct answers:

  1. Izzy, Jamaica Me Sweat
  2. Sierra, Rapa Phooey!
  3. Lindsay, Can't Help Falling in Louvre
  4. Blaineley, Aftermath Aftermayhem
  5. Duncan, Hawaiian Punch

Both teams submitted correct answers, but the Lava Lamps submitted prior to 6:00 PM EST. The Devastating Domination wins and the Lava Lamps must vote again.

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