Welcome back to The Game: The Sequel. Yesterday, That Epic was voted out.

The teams have merged.

For today's challenge, you must correctly identify who said these quotes as well as what episode they are from. The first person to do so correctly will win immunity.

  1. I just can't lie to you!
  2. I don't like surprises.
  3. You kissed a gentleman?
  4. Is that why you were screaming like a little girl?
  5. Do you know how hard it was for me to get up here?
  6. That's more than meets the eye.
  7. Okay, these chicks are all starting to scare me.
  8. Forgot my 'roids back at the gym.

Answers may only be submitted once by each person and cannot be submitted before 2:30 PM EST. Answers are due by tomorrow at 5:00 PM EST.

Here are the answers:

  1. Izzy - The Aftermath: I
  2. Duncan - Not So Happy Campers - Part 1
  3. Sam - Truth or Laser Shark
  4. Gwen - Are We There yeti?
  5. Owen - Hide and Be Sneaky
  6. Duncan - Wawanakwa Gone Wild!
  7. Owen - The Very Last Episode, Really!
  8. Noah - TDDDI

CD-TDA was the first to answer correctly. She is immune. It's time to vote. Votes are due by 9:00 PM tomorrow.

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