Voting officially starts tomorrow. This blog post doesn't really have anymore ideas or plans, so it won't be a wall of text. This is more just an opinion/Nalyd-has-spirit kind of post. I see no reason to continue boring you with this introduction.

What does it mean to be President? This is something I asked myself one day after a discussion I had in the IRC. What does it mean to be in charge of the wiki? To be the leader? To me, the leader is somebody who holds their head high, and looks adversity straight in the eye, and says, "Bring it. I'm ready." It is the President's job to try to make as many users as possible happy. This doesn't mean doing everything everyone asks of them, but it means trying to make compromises, to form a middle ground. The President needs to be able to handle bad situations, and work and listen to everyone, to make sure they can fix whatever has gone wrong. The President needs to show that they love what they are doing here on the wiki, and want to do this job until the end.

Webkinz Mania, my vice-president, running mate, and friend, and I have shown through our time writing blog posts, coming up with ideas, editing the wiki to show that we care and love the wiki, that we have the spirit to lead this wiki for the next six months. We will not break down. We will listen to anybody willing to utilize their "Leave Message" button, and talk to us, tell us what they think. We will push for more admins and rollbacks, at least one big update every month, and making sure that users get the rights they deserve. Will the next six months be easy? No. There will be disagreements, and there will be disputes, those cannot be stopped. Everyday will be working on how we can make it better. Holding more council meetings, more roundtables, and more blog posts updating everybody on how things are going. I don't know if I'll be running again. If I end up not running again, this could be my last chance to have 6 months running that wiki, that I have wanted and worked for, for the year that I have been an admin.

If you think that I have proven through my actions that I am worthy of becoming the President of the wiki, then I ask you to give me my six months in office, and please vote for me this coming week. Thank you for reading.

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