What would I do for a Klondike bar? I'd write another episode review!

I love Courtney's compulsive list making. When I'm upset I eat, when Courtney's upset she makes a list. It bugs me that Sierra, who beat Courtney up last time, is now on her side. I loved Courtney's break up tantrum! That was hilarious. "It was totally empowering!" Empowering is just about the most feminist word of all time. "The guy's a jerk with a capital G." Tyler is replacing Noah as the funny guy, which is funny because his humor is completely different. Owen's story about his medal was great. "There's a babe Olympics?" The entire babe Olympics conversation was DEROGATORY (Thanks to Freehugs41 for teaching me that word). But, yeah, Tyler. There is a babe Olympics. So far, Harold's winning with Gwen, Beth, Heather, LeShawna, and Sadie. Tyler trying to eat the banana was lame, and I shouldn't laugh at it because it's lame, but it was hilarious! "The more cruddy Gwen feels, the more vindicated I am!" Really? I'm still scolded for disliking Courtney?

"Must. Leave. Beautiful. Corpse." At the beginning of the season, I thought Tyler would be a major show stealer and go to the final two (where he loses to Sierra). But really, up until the last few episodes and the first episode he hasn't done much. "The dark is my witness, that was not me!" Haha! Alejandro being a hypnotist was interesting, it proves he's got the mental edge. Duncan! Don't pick on Tyler! As a strong believer in aliens, I liked the weather balloon joke. Those things get blamed for everything! "Why is the wiki running so slow?!" "Weather balloons." This challenge seems like it's going to be really interesting. Very original challenge. I loved the bunny on fire! Tyler voluntarily climbing the electric fence and Alejandro and Duncan just walking around was great. Poor Tyler. I really liked the song. Sierra's "Duh! It was so obvious!" Thanks, Chris, I forgot Owen was gone.

I loved all the gags in the warehouse full of alien stuff. "You're not gonna fatten me up!" We don't need to, Owen. ("Ugh, you're driving me insane!" "It's a short drive.") I loved Owen's pronunciation of jalapenos. "Whoa! Aliens! Don't probe me, bro!" As someone who grew up with a talking E.T. toy and watching the movie all the time, I loved this E.T. homage. I'm loving that Gwen and Duncan are a couple because I think the writers do a good job with them, but I still wanna know why it started the way it did. "Two Codys?! EEE! I'm confused, and excited! EEE! Now I'm just confused." One of the best Sierra lines of all time. The reminder of the cheese cellar made me giggle, I cracked up when he first talked about it last season. The "Revenge" scene was hilarious, but confusing because I forgot about the hypnotism...

"Why is the purple meatball playing the piano?" See? Tyler could have pulled a Beth and done a lot the rest of the season. He's the Woody of Total Drama (Woody from Cheers) the well meaning guy who isn't too bright. "Izzy, you have been replaced." First Gwen is the new Heather and now Courtney is the new Izzy?! What now? Ezekiel is the new Justin? I really miss the barf bag ceremony. I just think it was more dramatic (but I see why they cut it, too time consuming). Courtney throwing Tyler out of the plane was hilarious! Owen dancing at the end was great, that better happen again this season!

The Renny Award goes to Tyler for being epic and hilarious till the bitter end.

This was another in a line of great episodes this season. The shortcomings were... I can't name any, but I know this episode wasn't perfect... 9.5/10

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