Hm... Team Amazon in the Amazon? Team Victory gets a victory? Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot is really really really really hot? (I'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone commenting on this blog not to post spoilers about the next episode if you see it online.)

I'll tell you what happened Owen. You PWND Al! I love the Al-Owen conflict. *sigh* Just when you thought Chef was done wearing dresses... Just kidding, I love when Chef is the butt of a joke, but I still kind of wish that he'd go back to the big scary guy we all knew and quaked in fear of. The rest of the economy-class scene is yawn-worthy. "Lookin' good!" Perhaps the most cringe worthy thing about this episode was that I loved when Courtney said that. It's weird that I'm enjoying her character... Ha, loved Gwen hoping for good luck. Cody's expression when he wanted Gwen to take the epipen was priceless! "Goat saliva? Must make dating a little tough, eh, Cody?" Haha. "How far is it to mucky pigeon?" Haha, great line. "When Cody agreed with me in front of everyone, I swear, I heard wedding bells!" Moments like this are why I will support CodyXSierra until the end. "Your parents must love this show, gets you out of the house!" My parents love that I'm online all day cause they know where I am. In the living room on the computer.

I like Sierra's role as Cody's protector. I liked Tyler struggling to name the T-bar. It's cool when they write how people talk. I like the way the Zing-Zings look. Very creative. I loved Chef playing the video game in the hot tub! "He's got good vertical." Funny line from Noah, but I hope that isn't his big line in the episode that we all quote... "You are not allowed to enjoy this." *giggle* I thought the scene was funny minus the x-ray glasses scene (I have a long rant about my dislike of nudity on the show, but I don't feel like writing it now.) "Gwen touched my butt." Hahaha! Go Cody! I liked that the flashlight was in the other pocket, but it bugged me that they could move their arms. The nacho scene was good, but really, Izzy and Noah have been better. "With my hands in Cody's pants..." "Way to go Cody!" "Thank you!" Come on, we were all kind of cheering Cody on! The whole walkie-talkie scene (after the commercial break) was hilarious. I liked Heather's lisp during the song and I wish that continued through the episode up until she got the gold tooth. I really enjoyed the song, and loved the animation for Gwen's rap. The first time watching this episode was a real treat.

Think the producers were laughing at the now infamous "Lindsay is pregnant" shot? The monkeys were just annoying. Maybe it was because DJ didn't cry and was just annoyed, maybe because it just wasn't as funny as the baby seal? I liked the Spanish fires line too. Gwen's "Crazy" rant wasn't funny and I wish they'd done more with her epipen hyperness. Again, I'm really enjoying Alejandro and Owen together. I'm wondering if this "Only real friend" thing will last very long. The destruction of Machu Pichu scene felt completely random and used just to rush everyone out. I liked the truth about the Zing-Zings, but I would have been happier thinking they were real and Chef just kicked their butts to free the Amazons. I loved Sierra trying to save Cody! The stewardess is hot. (You were ALL thinking it, don't lie.) It was nice to see Sierra with people other than Chris, Heather, and Cody at the end when she was cutting a deal with Gwen and Courtney. I thought for sure she'd vote Gwen off so Cody wouldn't have Gwen to drool over anymore. I loved Alejandro and Heather at the end. Heather is so pretty with the gold tooth and necklace, and Alejandro looks like a soap opera villain with the eye patch! "Today on 'All My Drama'..." I loved Sierra's vote! Haha! Cody and Sierra at the end was epic, and I loved Sierra's face when she cried. (Sooo cute :D) Ooh, no elimination... Really, the only thing lacking in general is the big shocking moments. Showing the votes takes a lot out of it.

The Renny Award goes to... the stewardess for being so fiiiiine. Haha, just kidding. The real Renny award goes to Sierra.

This episode was probably the worst one yet. It was mostly just a set up for Cody and Sierra drama. At best, this episode deserves... 6/10

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