As all of you know Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot is a ridiculously, incredibly, just obnoxiously long name. One of the things that bugs me is when I see "TCIRRRRH" in articles. I understand doing that in galleries so that those don't get too long, but I think in articles we need to write out the words. What do you guys think? Does it really even matter, or should we push to write out the words?

Like I said, I think we need to write out the words, or at least when we do "TCIRRRRH" do "TCIRRRRH" so people can get to the page. I'm not saying we should go making a new rule or anything, but I would like to encourage people to write out the words. Do you see SG, KB, SG (again), KG, TA, or TV on pages? (And don't so, "No, because the writers weren't being cruel when they named those teams.")

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