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I love AlejandroXCourtney. Not as much as AlXHeather, but for now its really awesome. He truly is the master of flattery. Hooray for Owen and Noah! It was a smart move by Duncan to exploit all that Noah said. "We have to follow Noah's dying words." "HE DIED?! When did he die?!" Heather trying to get Alejandro's attention was great, and Sierra stopping her was hilarious! Have I ever mentioned that I love Sierra? Heather could get Al's attention like she got Harold's. My mom always told my sister "The fastest way to a man's heart is through your chest." At least she might have said that if I had a sister. Anyway, the animation of the plane spinning was great, I wonder if they paid extra for CG animation. Wow, seeing the final seven in the same area as the Yukon challenge (the background is totally the same) really shows how far into the season we are. "Stop breathing so loud!" Heather clinging to Duncan was hilarious! She just wants to be Alejandro, but she's missing one thing; his Latin warmth. Alejandro, if you're reading this, feel free to keep me warm anytime.

Wonderful, we're back to gross-out Owen. "The maintenance instructions were accidentally shredded when they were put through a shredder." "We've been married fourteen times in my head and twice in my online blog 'I Dream of Cody,' so it'll happen eventually." "My people call it a compli-sult." Whoa whoa whoa. What do you mean your people? The physical comedy in this episode was great. I didn't think Sierra would actually hit Heather with that big pole thing (That's what she said!). Courtney getting hit accidentally was funny too! "We're building a boat?!" I loved the song! One of the best in a while. I loved the "Dancing Queen" reference. It bugs me that Cody didn't sing. He's done so little lately. I wish the final two was, like, Courtney and Alejandro. That would be interesting. I don't know if Cody makes it to the final two, and I don't wanna know, but I think he's got a good shot, and that bugs me.

"A bunch of rocks?" "It's like Christmas all over again!" That's pitiful, hahaha. "Uh, with your shirt off?" Alejandro is the Taylor Lautner of Total Drama. "If Gwen's head is hollow..." "Ha! Don't get me started." "How long can you hold a fart before it's seriously dangerous?" Wow, at this rate, anybody could get the Renny. "Will Owen's poor digestion finally kill us all?" "Yes, Owen, you really are our MVP for figuring out it was a boat!" It was so nice to see Owen, who really goes through a lot, being loved, even if he is being played. "I feel like the bell of the ball! But without the bell or ball, but the of the part still works, though!" Up until Cody threw up, Sierra's Cody Land scene was hilarious. Really? The best thing he can do in response is throw up? "You both love Owen. It's beautiful." HAHAHAHAHAHA!

"Bingo dingoes!... Nuts, I should have said that last week in Australia." I wonder if those are real meatballs? We all remember those last "meatballs." "Yeah, Vikings didn't salute, so... Go away." "From here on, we all talk like Vikings... Argh, matey!" I like how Owen went mad with power, but still didn't do anything big. "Vikings never back down from a fight. That's why they still rule the Earth!" "Muttney?" My favorite TDA episode was Muttney on the Soundstage. "Will I require surgery? Absolutely. Months of physical theory? Probably. Was it worth it? Definitely." "What argh the odds?" "Stop talking like a pirate!" "Oh, vikings!" Owen destroying the other team's ship was hilarious. I'm glad that, for the first time ever, the team that won the advantage won the challenge in the end, too! UGH! I'm so sick of these fake eliminations! Yeah, this time it made a great Alejandro-Heather scene, but other times its a total waste!

Hm... The Renny Award goes to... Not Cody, Duncan, Alejandro, or Courtney... Not Heather... Sierra or Owen, this will be their fourth award... The Renny goes to... Captain Owen.

This was a great episode, I can't think of anything to change. Epic song, hilarious episode... 10/10

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