I'd like to make this clear now: Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan may just be the best episode ever.

The episode starts out with Team Victory and Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot staying in the loser section of the plane. A big hole breaks open in the plane. Somehow, only the fat people (Leshawna and Owen) are almost sucked out of the plane, while eighty pound Harold is fine. It was a nice way to show how LeShawna really will fall for any guy who's hot when she starts falling for Al. Courtney continues to be the most logical-lacking contestant. She likes winning so she should be captain? I like winning too, does that mean I get to be captain of the football team (or even put on the football team)? No! Sierra's stalking is either annoying or funny. In this episode, it was funny. More on that later, it's challenge time. Harold has been getting annoying this season, but this episode was a major improvement for him. Yes, he was complaining, but his voice actor made it funny. I've noticed a lot of great lines have been made better because of the amazing voice cast. "Seriously?! I mean, seriously?!" For example. Before We Die is definitely my favorite song of the season. It's just so fun and upbeat!

I loved DJ's retelling of his traumatizing experience with the mummified dog. Last week I thought DJ's animal gag would be awful, but this week it was epic. "Aw, keeeeuuuute!" The way Chris says it is just so win! DJ vs. Tsing-Tsing is hysterical, and I really hope that Tsing-Tsing shows up again. This whole pinball scene is hysterical. The writing was perfect, and I could really watch that over and over again. Total Drama Action being popular was funny for a couple reasons: 1. It isn't popular. 2. It's exactly like a Japanese game show; ridiculous and unrealistic. "Um, what?" Noah makes me XD. Tyler's high-five fail gag is good for a laugh. But I'm starting to worry about Tyler. It seemed like at the beginning of the season he'd be an interesting character, but he is starting to fall into the background. Alejandro may be one of the best villains ever. At the end of this season I'll do a blog post about who the best villain is, but he's giving Heather a run for her money! I mean, he flirted with HAROLD. Anybody who does that deserves to win. I'll weigh in on that Ezekiel cameo in another blog post. "Hold on there, chubby buddy!" (This blog post is done... because I just died of laughter. Tee hee.)

Was anybody surprised that the candy would be nasty? "We have the candy swimming in the fish tank, then it jumps out and plays basketball! Duh." Have I mentioned that this episode - no, this whole season so far - has amazing, fantastic, incredible writing! I thought it was odd to put Harold in a leadership role. We've seen him in it before, it's been established he gets bossy, but it was still awkward. "Monster noises!" It's a rare thing for Owen to get a really witty line. I'm not sure if this qualifies as witty, but I thought it was hysterical. "The large out of shape monster!" "Think of the children!" "He's so hot!" This episode is perfect. 'Nuff said. The rap part was a little awkward, but still funny (if you understand them). I loved the look on DJ's face during the commercial! D: The Team Victory commercial was like... So weird, but I thought the voice acting from Brian Froud was great. "Gosh..." The beach ball was a nice touch too. "Let's just call it... 'Huh?'" XD The Team Amazon commercial is about as Japanese as it gets. "I don't know, I just love exploding donuts." Ha! Best Chef line ever! I thought the music ruined the "Back off!" line. In the commercial, the music stopped suddenly. But here, it kept going and kind of ruined it. I don't think Alejandro and Harold are enemies. Here's an interesting perspective: I think that Al saw Harold as a threat, so he got Harold to quit. Makes sense, right? I love this gag with Lindsay voting. Harold quitting was a surprise. I thought I'd be mad that Harold quit but... It just feels right for him to go this way. Especially his long fake death. The only thing that bothered me was LeShawna not caring! That was infuriating.

The super happy crazy Renny Award goes to... Tsing-Tsing. Harold and DJ almost had it, but Tsing-Tsing was the break out star of the episode.

Like I said at the beginning of this blog post, this may be the best episode ever. It's like watching a super happy crazy episode of Total Drama Island... 10/10

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