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Yup, vacation is pretty sweet.

I'm still in Ocean City. :o

But I had to share this with you guys. Best Slogans in Ocean City:

  • "Godfather's Pizzeria - We'll make you a pizza you can't refuse."
  • "Shalom, you're listening to 91.3 FM the Temple, all meshugenah, all the time."

I've been swimming in the ocean and riding roller coasters and playing lots and lots of mini-golf. I purchased a large inflatable whale that I can ride in a pool. It's name is Shamu. Right now I'm chilling in the hotel lobby listening to the awesome Indian accent of the guy at the desk. It's so cool. We need an Indian guy on Total Drama... Anyway, for those wondering, I'll be doing episode reviews as soon as I get back!

For those who didn't notice, I signed up to run in the upcoming election. I'll be making lots of campaign blog posts because I still have ideas for this wiki. But, in the event that I do not get re-elected, I'd like to get as much done this month as possible, so if you have an idea that you think can work for the wiki, I'll set up a council meeting and see what we can do about it. (Vote Nalyd, kthxbai)

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