Last night I was blindsided in Roleplay. I'd like to make this clear - I'm not mad at anybody. I just named the blog that because it's a more interesting title than "Perspective on Roleplay." Was I surprised and saddened? Yes. When I logged on last night, I was expecting the first episode to have ended. The first thing I saw was Owen saying "Bye" so I was assuming somebody had to log off, or Owen got eliminated. Then, TDIFan messages me apologizing. Sam does to. So I say, "What did I miss?" BB or somebody says, "You just got eliminated." Then the apologies just came pouring in.

I don't know why people assumed I was going to be filled with rage... I was sad, yeah, but is anybody happy to get blindsided? The thing that really surprised me about it was that the people who voted me off, I'd been willing to quit for them, so that came as a big surprise.

I remember last season when I was eliminated. It was basically the same as this one. I was at a birthday party, I finally come back at the end of the episode, TDIFan tells me I just got eliminated. So this was a major de ja vu. I don't know why I didn't learn from last time. The best part is that both times it was because of something I said outside of roleplay. I forget what I said first season, but it made JJR flip and vote me off. This time I was too conceited about the power I had as Harold. I'm not a conceited person. I'm really not. I like shows about conceited people, so I find conceitedness funny, so, while I do act conceited in the IRC, I don't mean it. Note to self; come next season, I will be shutting up.

I got the raw end of the deal this season. I actually took a lot of heat for vote-offs that weren't my idea. So, here are the eliminations I caused that were my plan:

  1. Eva
  2. LeShawna
  3. Bridgette

Yeah, I played a part in Ezekiel, Lindsay, and Gwen going too, but those were not my idea.

Some advice for future roleplayers; Don't be the guy who promises to help people. Really, I do that both seasons and I end up getting blindsided. If anything, be a villain. They're much more interesting. One of the things that is hard to do in a roleplay, is when those around you don't want to win. Because at that point, bringing them to the final three means nothing to them. They don't care, they just want fun. I wanted to have fun too, and I had fun by using strategy. I wanted to go far and let somebody else win, but I was still able to have that "In it to win it" attitude. If somebody else is willing to do the dirty work and blindside people left and right (i.e. Harold) then let them. You'll end up looking like an epic hero, and you'll beat them any day of the week (but Saturday is the most likely day... I mean, RP is on Saturday. What, did you want to win on a Wednesday?!)

I bear no animosity towards any of the people who voted me off. Sam, you did what you had to do, I'm glad to see that somebody else was willing to strategize. WM, again, you did what you had to do. BB, I was shocked that you voted for me, but at the same time I saw it coming. Mygeto, I'm glad I was able to keep that promise I made to you. I (as Harold) promised Mygeto (as Geoff) at the beginning of the season that I'd do all I could to help him get to the end. It was adding insult to injury when he gets eliminated 45 minutes after me. (Just kidding. XD)

Going into the game, you need to know that chances are you'll go home. You can have a twenty person alliance, but it only takes one person to turn everyone against you. Go into roleplays wanting to win, but know that its unlikely. When I know I have no shot at winning, I change my strategy to just being eliminated in an epic way - which I accomplished.

So, I'd like to make it clear to everyone that I'm not mad. I don't know if this blog post sounded angry, but I'm not. I just thought I'd add my own funny little perspective to it. I've caused countless blindside and won tons of roleplays, I knew I wouldn't win this season. Hey, I've got plenty of roleplays to compete in over at the camps wiki. So... I guess that's it. Good luck to the final three, I really don't know which of you I'll vote for to win. Maybe I'll vote for Explosivo.

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