Nalyd's leaving. For the weekend, I'll be going down to Ocean City, New Jersey. I'm leaving Thursday, and coming back Monday. I'll bring my laptop (or my brother will bring his) so I'll be able to do Countdown scores! (In case I can't, could somebody who's on at 7:00 check all the player's scores and post them in a comment? If I get on shortly after that, I'll get the scores myself, but if somebody could get scores close to 7:00, I'll really appreciate it!) I may hold onto the super secret surprise until the start of next week. I won't make the week six blog until I get back. WM, the vice-president, will be in charge in my absence (though I have a feeling that nothing's gonna happen, except we'll be putting up the third election page soon VOTE NALYD.) I'll be around today and a little tomorrow morning. Also, I'll do all the episode reviews that I missed when I return!

Also, while I'm on the topic of leaving... I will be President until the end of September (unless I get re-elected) so if you remember any promises I made or ideas I had back in March that I haven't been able to do yet, please post them in a comment, I wanna be able to accomplish everything I promised you guys while I still can.

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