This is... The Renrut Report. (Eagles fly, red, white, and blue rockets go off all over this blog post.)

"From the bosom of Lady Liberty." Am I the only one that shuddered at that? Tee hee, Alejandro said pervert! Anyway, I'd like them to explain more why Al doesn't like his name being botched. "Alejandro Burro Muerto" - Alejandro Dead Donkey. "You're a mega newb." Wow, Heather got owned! (Does anybody else feel awkward watching this, knowing we're the same as Sierra if not worse.) Dang, Sierra's letting it all hang out! I was kind of expecting Cody on her panties... By the way, when do we get to see Alejandro and Sierra swim? "You're so cute when you're terrified." Sierra's gonna win the Renny award. Did anybody see she really had her thumbs in her armpits in her confessional after that? Poor Darrel! Why can't Lindsay remember him? I mean, the joke is funny sometimes and rally fail other times. There is always one line in a song that ruins a song for me, and this time it was "You suck the lemon chuck." What does that even mean?! It's nice to see LeShawna acknowledge the fact that Harold is madly in love with her. Really, every time she brushes Harold off, she just seems like an awful person. I hate how quickly Lindsay remembered who Dave was. I was hoping for an episode-long plot line, but no it lasted two minutes. I loved Owen riding the deer down the hill. I loved LeShawna playing along with Lindsay! They could have been so funny if they did that throughout the season.

I loved all the angry German accents used in the episode. I actually enjoyed Courtney dissing Heather. "Be hold. The Penalty-hosen." I'd look so cute in penalty-hosen... Anyway, Izzy is so cute! "And there goes my pelvis." Haha, excellent Noah line! Did anybody else have a jaw-drop-to-the-floor moment when that bird went in the meat grinder? I like that they're being really creative with how they torture animals as opposed to doing it the same each time. "Meat Cody! NOOOO!" Ha, I love Sierra. "*Creepy Noah laughing* Cody has a tiny sausage!" Oh my God, this is the best line this whole episode, the Renny award goes to Noah, end of story! "At least my team has a sausage!" Dude, Team Chris Is Hot is a Sausage-fest for Pete's sake! "All aboard der viener express." Tee hee, I love you Noah! Cannibal goats? Oh my gosh, this season is so sick, but I still have to XD. I loved the hats Team Chris got because just the other day my friend told me Germans have the best helmets; he was right. "Whatever lets you sleep at night." Ha, Chris finally gets a funny line! "Seeing me in a German bikini." Thanks for that mental image, Cody. Sierra probably wouldn't mind. I love Noah teasing Cody. "My grandparents are German *laugh/snort* SCHNITZEL!" LOL.

I loved Sierra's slap dancing confessional, that is gonna be FQ. I loved her song even more! Wait a minute... Maybe Sierra's gonna get the Renny-award! "Truly, you are fabulous!" Oh my. "I just wen from Janet to Beyonce!" I love when they mention real life celebrities! But... Why haven't they mentioned me?... "Watch out for Alejandro, he is not who he seems." Because he's Eva! Big props to tdwtFULLEPISODES for making this review possible. I loved Alejandro staring Cody down, that was epic! I loved LeShawna completely pwning Heather! Wait, who was that girl in the confessional? The blue hair chick, who the heck was that? Alejandro flirting with Heather was so creepy. I'm not really sure how much I like Alejandro anymore... He's being too direct. Really, I didn't see any reason for anybody on Team Victory to go. It didn't seem like Lindsay and DJ were aware of Alejandro controlling LeShawna, and DJ didn't mess up. It doesn't make sense... Until she starts quoting Alejandro! Still would have made more sense if Lindsay and DJ were onto her prior to voting...

The Renny award will be split in half down the middle. Noah gets the left half and Sierra gets the right.

This was a hilarious episode. Not a lot of character development outside of Heather and Alejandro, but a lot of fun to watch... 9/10

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