I know that a lot of people are concerned about what will happen if Council gets removed. How will promotions be handled? Who's in charge of bans?

But many of you are ignoring the main problem: What will we complain about?

Don't worry, guys, I've already come up with a solution; a list of legitimate things that must be complained about!

  1. The topic in #wikia-tdwiki
  2. Neko's too cute
  3. Nalyd's worn the same hoodie for almost 3 years
  4. Too many vowels in Musou's name
  5. Not enough close ups of Lindsay's giant chest eyes on Total Drama
  6. New characters suck because they are new
  7. Alejandro's speedo
  8. Ryan's strange obsession with the color red and the number 13
  9. FH not giving free hugs
  10. KG is a teenage, not a man as his username implies
  11. Jam is actually made of jam
  12. Ezekiel. Nuff said.
  13. Lady Gaga's new music video, like WTF?
  14. Michelle Bachmann scares me
  15. Mispronouncing John Boehner's name and giggling
  16. Noah is hawt
  17. Nalyd still hasn't changed his hoodie
  18. Global warming
  19. Total Drama's impact on the marshmallow industry
  20. Duncan being a phony
  21. Users from other wikis complaining about us complaining about their complaining
  22. Anthony Weiner
  23. Is Justin Bieber still famous?
  24. Seriously, Nalyd, it's late June, take off the hoodie and get a ****ing t-shirt
  25. The word derogatory
  26. The fourth season being different so it's gonna be bad automatically
  27. Countdown ending but I didn't get to compete!
  28. Countdown ending and Nalyd made me compete... again...
  29. Roleplay having too much role and not enough play
  30. Council's gone, let's complain about lack of council!
  31. Heather used flash, it's super effective
  32. Nalyd's list is too long
  33. That's not all that's too long!
  34. Too many innapropriate jokes
  35. Nalyd can't spell inappropriate
  36. Editing is too hard
  37. Giggity
  38. Glitter
  39. Cat
  40. Fat
  41. Far
  42. Fart
  43. OWEN! >:(
  44. Without council, lists like this will be more frequent
  45. All the dumb ideas you guys are gonna post below
  46. Nalyd assuming ideas are dumb
  47. Post your idea below!

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