Rapa-phooey!, was I the only one who thought this would be in some exotic jungle as opposed to boring old Easter island?

"She did try to sneak in seven times..." MAN-HUG! :D Well... IDK if this counts as a man-hug considering it's between Cody and a guy who lost to a girl while he had his hair in a ponytail. "Could we get up before someone sees us?" This would have been a great role for Cody: The eager little kid of Total Drama. Look at the expression as he hugs Alejandro, (Noah's jealous), look at when he gets his precious candy. That would have been hysterical as opposed to Sierra's rag doll. Speaking of Sierra, guess who's jealous? She's sad because she can't compete with Alejandro and knows he'll steal Cody away. "Ugh, I am not a therapist!" Haha! Heather's great! "You're so into him his kidnies are getting crowded." "Chef isn't really Chris's type." Le gasp! NOOOOOOO!

"But that's the beauty of candy! No hunger required!" Win! Now, Cody couldn't be the candy kid all season, but I am enjoying it this episode. I liked Cody not immediately shunning Sierra who was complimenting him. I doubt it's character development... OR IS IT?! ... LOIN CLOTH. LOIN CLOTH. MY EYES! "I'm talkin the old school kinda eggs. The ones that come from birds... The things with feathers." What are these birds of which you speak? Me just wants candy! "Wow! Courtney is useful for something! Who would have thought?" "I'm calling a family meeting!" "Wait, now? Wait, who's family?!" Hahaha. Let me set the record straight; Cody was right to leave Sierra for peanut butter cups. That is the greatest candy ever. "Holy Cody!" Win.

"We're the sisterhood of the traveling eeeeeeggs." Oh, Sierra, there is so much not right about you. "I will wait for you, Co-co!" Whoa, whoa, whoa. That is a really epic nickname! Why did they just come up with it now?! That would have been so funny throughout the season! "Cody: The next generation begins." Good, cause this one was awful. I love that my hoodie was used for that condor. "I have to play baseball?" Hm... Alejandro's one weakness! Cody trying to blame Chris was hysterical. "No! It was him!" I like that even Alejandro's "Oh no" was auto-tuned when he was done running. Cody shouting "My licorice!" was also great. But I think we all know why Cody hasn't sung in forever: He can't sing. Tyler, the deep voice Cody, also can't sing. Ezekiel, the Canadian voice cracking Cody, CAN sing. Weird, eh?

I really don't like the song. Good beat but awful lyrics as far as I'm concerned. Sierra?! No! LOL, JK. For the millionth time this season they had a fake elimination!... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Such an awful running gag! I don't think i ever fell for one of them, but still, they're so annoying. "EEE! Cody-kinz!" "Why Heather, whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?"

This episode, being a filler, was just made to be full of comedy. And the Renny goes to... Cody. As a fellow candy fanatic, I just can't give it to anyone else.

This was a filler episode, it felt like part one for the next episode. Despite being another fun episode, the song and fake elimination cost it... 7.5/10

Miss any of Nalyd's old reviews?

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