Wiki, I challenge you to a staring contest. Starting... Now. You blinked. (I'm not gonna lie, I blinked while typing this sentence, and for a few brief seconds considered removing it.)

What: A gathering of users dedicated to thinking rationally and logically with the goal of making the wiki more productive

When: Saturday, 9:00 PM EST

Where: #tdwiki-nalyd (#tdwiki-rational is too long.)

Who: Rational users (You know who you are, if you don't, you're irrational)

Why: I'm sick of the ridiculous behavior of some users1 on the wiki (No one specifically, just a generalization of behavior I've noticed as of late) Also, I have nothing else to do this Saturday

How: The power of friendship!

Huh: I dunno.

Are you serious: If people wanna come I'll say yes, but if its just me alone with my party hat I'll claim this was all a joke.

1 Calm down, by users, I mean everyone, so don't leave comments like "Aha! This proves that you are a bias admin who only believes users are capable of irrational thought!" 2

2 That was a joke, calm down, again.

Basically, there's been some out of control behavior lately, so this is just gonna be a rally for people who are sick of it (Like I am). So, if you are tired of the antics of some members of our community and feel like hanging out in a rational chatroom, show up. Also, there will be cookies. (Courtesy of Nalyd's mom.)

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