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Chris's shock at the destruction of his precious plane was hilarious. I'm glad we're finally getting some Sierra and Cody action, even if Cody ruins it immediately when he forgets she's always crazy. And I agree with Heather. No girl should ever have to be baled on national TV. "I know what you did." "Could you be a bit more specific? I've done a lot." I would have loved to go up to Al and been like "Hey there, Mr. Grumpy Gills." Heh, Alejandro's a spazz. "Like a too small speedo." First of all, I think that would be distracting (and disgusting) other people, not you, Al. Second, thanks for that visual. Owen in a speedo. (Now you'll all thank me for THAT visual.)

I wish T'sing T'sing had mauled Al. Come on, T'singy, do what won you the Renny Award! The yeti moment was awkward and just... Awkward. Like, cringe-worthy. "We're, uh, best friends." Remember back in kindergarten when the term "best friend" meant something? Well, it means a lot for Cody and Sierra, who have the combined IQ points of a five year old. Cody and Sierra's transportation was my favorite, though. Trains was cool too, but the truck was lame. I loved the hot air mobile. "Stop giving it so much fuel!" "Right after you stop pinching my butt!" "We sound just like an old married couple." Come on, Cody, be a good sport. No other girl will ever be interested in you. Enjoy it while you can.

Alejandro has a creepy laugh. But not a good kinda creepy. I loved the song though. Very good, and no awkward-out-of-place lines. Also, Cody, nobody thought you were going to get that far either, so don't worry. The animation of the galloping horses was excellent. Must admit, the animation of this show is constantly getting better. I could see Sierra spoiling the entire season of Total Drama World Tour to a fan. It would be a little like this: The first half of the season is like that song Alejandro, some people break up, and old lady competes, and Ezekiel stows away.

I guess you could say that between Sierra and Cody there were... Fireworks. YEEEAAAAAH! This episode feels like an epically long episode. It's almost like Total Drama the movie. Alejandro and Cody's swordfish fight was cheesy though. Why do motor boats have swordfish and oars? Now I know what you're thinking; We can see Alejandro and Eva in the same shot, Alejandro isn't Eva! But wait, HE IS! Alejandro was lying on the ground not moving, so that was an Alejandro suit! Or Eva, who also didn't move, was an Eva cardboard cut out!

A strong episode where everyone had a big part (even Cody). The Renny goes to Heather. She played a good game this episode and was funny too.

I really enjoyed this episode. Part one of two for the finale. The score is... 8.5/10

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