Let's put a shrimp on the barbie! (I don't mean Noah.)

The episode opens up with Sierra smiling evilly. WHOA! Why did Courtney destroy that chocolate chip cookie?! Now you all see why I hate her! This episode has a lot of strategy, and I really enjoyed it. "Cody? Are you okay in there? *gasp* Did you fall in?!" "That only happened once!" I love Sierra. Even Owen is helping Alejandro strategize. Watching Alejandro work his magic is like watching me roleplay as him; epic. Alejandro going back to his old ways is truly awesome. I liked the Zeke cameo. I'm not an expert on kiwis, but I'm pretty sure its hard to land on them... I don't like the designs of the new interns. They look weird to me. I prefer the old ones. The new ones look to angry. "Who knows? She's probably just plotting to kill me." I love Duncan and Heather's rivalry (I wouldn't call it a real conflict). I honestly thought Alejandro was about to say, "That emu is the luckiest creature on Earth, cause you're riding it!" I loved the kangaroo!

Chef playing the didgeridoo was win. Heather's fail flirting was great. I feel kinda bad for her too, its pitiful. She just doesn't understand flirting, and its her last chance, really. "Come on guys, you can do it. Live!" Hilarious line from everyone's favorite butter donkey. Gwen and Heather teaming up?! Cody and Gwen high-fiving?! Courtney being nice?! What is wrong with the world?! The song was incredibly lame. The only part I liked was the sheep rocking out and Cody-Sierra. I was hoping somebody would end up bald, but that's just me. Alejandro and Duncan's plan was brilliant. The dingo was so fun, I loved the designs of these animals. It's a good thing DJ isn't in Australia, he might kill something endangered.

Alejandro's got a creepy laugh. It's like a cackle. Duncan has a creepier cry. It's as high-picthed as a Justin Bieber song. WHOA! Cody is playing Gwen?! The dialogue between the two was pretty lame, but Cody-Gwen needs more air-time (Still waiting for a cheek-kiss at least). Wait, so now Gwen is playing Cody? Courtney completely throwing Alejandro off was hysterical! Wait, why was Cody crazy? I REALLY miss the barf bags... The tiebreaker was pretty lame, and I hated that Courtney won. What was the point of giving Gwen, once one of the greatest characters, such a humiliating end? "Suck it, Courtney!" I wonder how CN will censor that... "Gee whiz, Courtney!"

The Renny Award goes to... Alejandro. Not for being funny, but his strategy was the best.

This episode focused more on strategy than being funny, but I appreciate what they were going for, but in the end it just didn't work too well... 7.5/10

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