Did Chris really open up the show saying "Nucular"?

I'm still expecting Ezekiel to return. I really think they're leading up to it still. I thought Owen's dream was hysterical. Yeah we had to see his... Anyway, the line "You can't use candy canes for evil!" was hilarious. And I'm glad there hasn't been much nudity this season, and I'm happy about that. Twenty episodes and so far it's just Cody and Owen. DISCLAIMER: I would not complain if there was a repeat of X-Treme Torture. Giggity. Alejandro has a creepy, almost elf-like laugh... "I'm starting to question my mom's crush on Chris just a little." Wait, I thought Sierra liked Chris... I was surprised to see Chris-Sierra end so quickly this season. Not even as Sierra's attraction to him, just them interacting. Sierra saving everyone was great too. At the beginning of the season, we noticed all the random skills she had and said that being the new character gives you the right to godplay a little. At this point her page should start: Sierra, labeled as the Godplaying Super Fan, etc. I'm not complaining, I think the godplaying is hilarious. I'm sick of Cody throwing up. Unless she's got horrible breath, I don't see the disgusting part of kissing Sierra. As somebody who has been to Niagara Falls recently, I must say that the animation of the falls was perfect. I hate the song. It was just awful. Not to mention Blaineley has an awful singing voice.

Sierra hyperventilating was hilarious! It's almost painful knowing that Sierra and Cody is the only couple left where you can feel the love. At least on Sierra's side. Sierra jamming (Shout out to my friend Jam) Alejandro in the machine was great, she being the only girl who would do so. The way I see it (this blog is only about the way I see it) Blaineley and Owen could go either way. Thus far, I like it. Yeah, I laughed at Courtney getting mauled, sue me. (Not really, Courtney's got great lawyers...) "...And the ability to argue louder than your spouse." I love the marriage jokes in this episode. And, yes, Courtney falling in the mud made me laugh. Cody hurting Sierra was not cool. Duncan and Courtney are always fighting and hurting each other, but Sierra is nothing but nice to Cody, and just like how LeShawna is always written as a jerk when she's turning Harold down, Cody acts like a mega jerk when he's turning Sierra down. Blaineley's cake scene was hilarious. "Hey, Courtney, it's me, Alejandro." That was just awkward. And come on, if I called Courtney a train wreck (which I did) people would dislike me. "Each groom gets one bride. ONE." Something tells me this isn't going to go over well with the polygamists. (Yeah, Nalyd can use big words too.)

Heather has a beautiful dress. Definitely the Weddy award (Wedding+Renny) will be going to Heather's dress. Courtney and Blaineley's dresses were really nice too. Sierra's was horrible. What self respecting woman would wear such a horrible wedding dress? (Wow, lots of W's.) Sierra, labeled as Cody's Number One Fan, the Seal-in-training (SIT), Basket Weaving Ordained Minister, etc. Yeah, Owen and Blaineley's scene was about farting, but what if Owen really did teach Blaineley to be less stuck up and not care what people think? That would have been an epic plotline. Haha, Sierra got deported. I did love her trying to get Cody to marry her. "Now you upset him!" Sierra babying Cody is hysterical! Duncan carrying Courtney after everyone else fell off was great. I can't stop watching that scene. "I'm weeping on the inside." "You can't do it on the outside, Al? Just a little? I'd like that Al." "I'll miss you most of all, chubby hubby!" Awww! That's so wrong! Yay, Owen got revenge on Al!

This was a really good episode and it's gonna be hard to pick somebody for the Renny... Not Cody, Duncan, or Blaineley... Not Courtney or Heather... Not Alejandro... Looks like it's between Sierra and Owen (when isn't it, these two have been pure pwnage all season.) The Renny Award goes to... Sierra because she was great throughout the whole episode, and Owen just couldn't get it together.

Another great episode. I really like this one, it found the balance between fun, strategy, and humor. But, there were some duds through it (Sierra's awful dress, terrible song) ... 8/10

Miss any of Nalyd's old reviews?

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