So I've gotta review this okay episode, the epic Jamaica episode, the worse than okay Aftermath, and the more than epic London episode, so expect another review tonight.

I really enjoyed the beginning of this episode with Team Amazon in first-class. I don't know whether to say it was funny or interesting, so I'll just say it was good. That sums up the rest of this episode pretty well too. Then we get to Sierra and that made me laugh. What was that noise she made? I loved Owen asking DJ out for Noah! First of all, Noah, I don't care how nice DJ's legs are, you could do better. "I'm issuing you a ticket for fashion crimes." Kind of a weak joke from Heather. Also, I think that Izzy sleeping is a metaphor for how fail she's been this season. "Why are we landing in the middle of the ocean? Oh, no we're not. Why are we landing in the middle of the- Oh, no we're not." Hilarious line! Also, for the record, I wouldn't mind Courtney barfing on the plane. I liked how subtle Ezekiel's cameo was this time. I wish more were like this. The "I want the tape!" running gag in this episode is pretty good, and I think they animated it well. The fact that they went to Newfoundland seemed kinda lame to me. I've never even heard of Newfoundland out of geometry geography class. "More like a B-I-T-C" WOW! That's one of the reasons this season is so epic; they're getting edgy. I'm sure here in the states we'll be hearing "W-I-T-C" but we'll know what she means.

Did anybody else see Noah really enjoying the attention from Alejandro as Al helped him into the boat? The DJ-Animal gag hasn't been funny since the seagull in Slap Slap Revolution. "DJ will be mine." I've always shipped DJxHeather. C.I.T. Courtney Is a Tyrant. Owen licking the lobster was wrong and hilarious all in one. I'd like to thank tdwtoz as usual nowadays for uploading the video. The song had a fun beat, but I didn't like the lyrics. "Alone at last... You smell like toothpaste." I love Sierra! The Duncan rock was, like Gwen's "I want that tape" confessional, is being used to foreshadow an upcoming event, me thinks. (Also, no discussing any episodes past this one in the comments!) Sierra's story had me dying of laughter! "It'll put hair on your chest." That line and Izzy's reaction made for an... interesting conversation in the IRC (Ya know, back when it was fun to use the IRC). The entire challenge this episode was lame. (Four minutes left of this horrible episode, let's see if I can make it through.) The worst thing you can have in your head is no teeth? I can think of at least ten things worse to have in your head. (Whoever can come up with ten worse things will get a shout-out in the Jamaica post! Warning, may or may not get shout-out if Nalyd forgets.) The whole Egyptian symbol idea was incredibly ridiculous. "No wonder my little cousins aren't allowed to watch this show!" "I think Noah's auntie is right to block this show. It's way out of control!" Definitely my favorite moment of the episode. My favorite "Give me that tape!" confessional was Courtney, just because what she said wasn't even bad. Alejandro painted the symbol?! I was actually surprised, I just thought it was some cheesy thing that was naturally on the fish.

The Renny Award goes to (and this is hard considering the epic fail this episode was)... Noah's auntie, because she was absolutely right to block this show! Nobody should have to watch this episode. (Just kidding, Owen, the Renny award is all yours, big boy.)

This was probably the worst of the season. At least the other non-elims were funny, this episode only had a few haha moments. So I give it... 5.5/10

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