Here is a little song I wrote based off of this song. (Due to some content, I suggest you don't watch it in school/at work, and wear headphones). If any users do not like their appearance in it, please tell me.

Of the years on the wikia
No there was never one like ’09!
There’s a wiki that camping’s made for
Total Drama isn’t as good as before!
There were lies in the IRC
TDA ruined everybody!
There was Zeke and Tdifan
Don’t forget the other TDIFan!
No there was never a year like ’09!

There were serious blog posts
Turned random chattering from most
Ricky490’s here
No wait, he’s gone
No wait, he’s back!
Oh, Nalyd almost quit
Sprink drew lots of pics
While swine flu swept across the wiki!
Yes there was truth of dare
The game got quite unfair
In Total Drama Author Sunshine made a splash!
Nalyd’s never wrong
Unless you ask his mom
To ’09 we sing so long!

The gray hoodie got burned
And Shinneth returned
Shippings being removed
No wait its in!
No way, its out!
Zak shouted out, “You lie!”
Sunshine can fly real high
“I run a cruddy under-used and lame wiki!”
We had an election
Now Freehugs is president
We learned that Total Drama’s a declining quality show!
Was he banned from Wikia?
Or grounded at home?
Where did TDI19 go?
There was change in the adminship
A smart Mexican boy named Juan Jose!
Surprises at the Roleplay awards
We had them for – no ones really quite sure!
Sometimes Nalyd got mad
While Sunshine only feels glad
Farewell ’09 you’ll be over real soon!

We hope you rest in peace,
Redflare and TDI19
Bbhinton soon
Admin Zakkoroen
Almost lost Nalyd
We really like his writing!
Epic win – Ex-Cat!

Sure there’s stuff we missed
Like the Roleplay sensation
That’s it for our list
Will Sunshine ever finish?
Yes it’s the end,
But we’ll do it again!
In the year two thousand…

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