Well, today I had the big press conference and it was a success! (I hope)

I discussed a Welcoming Committee. I plan on having users volunteer to welcome new users we get. There will be a userbox for Welcoming Committee members. This is a good idea because it will make the wiki a more friendly place. (Note: We won't be welcoming IP's because there are way too many of them.)

Another idea discussed was Wiki-Wide Announcements. This will have a group like the Welcoming Committee, who volunteer to message masses of users. This is too make sure all users (who have accounts at the time) understand what is going on if we have a big update.

I put in a special note that I hope many people think about; I know I don't share the same opinions with a lot of people about some characters or other things like that. But please, ignore that and think of who has worked hard to get where they are.

I talked about helping users who are banned. I once explained to a user how they could be unbanned; how they needed to act due to users disliking their attitude.

There was a lot more discussed, and I hope you vote for me so I can continue on all these great ideas I have.

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