We are now a day into the preliminary voting. I'd like to thank the people that voted for me. A couple days ago, I held a press conference. I had meant to make a blog about it, but a hectic schedule prevented that until now. Before I go into the details of my ideas, I think its important you guys know who I am:

I'm Nalyd Renrut. I'm an admin on the three very successful Total Drama Wikis. I'm co-dude-in-charge of the popular Total Drama Roleplay. I've been an admin here for over a year. I came up with Wiki-fests, Featured User, and I've played large roles in various other features we've come to know and love today. My ethics basically define me (except in roleplays. Never trust me in a roleplay). Everything I've ever done has been to try and get this wiki in a better place. I am a determined person who fights for whats right. I am unshakable, unbreakable, invincible like a sword. I help those in need whenever I can.

If I am elected, I will run a fair administration. I will get an opinion from all council members before passing any of my new ideas. I'll talk to the users as well about anything. I've been second in command of the wiki under Webkinz Mania and Freehugs. During my time being in that spot I've seen lots that I'm not proud of (Not necessarily from WM or FH, just during their leaderships). What I'm saying is that I want to make sure everything that goes on is just and right. I've been second in command for almost a year - when is it my turn to take the reigns and lead us? I'm ready. I'm prepared. Enough of this long summary of me, onto some of the ideas and plans I covered more in the press conference:

  1. We need more admins. We need more voices to have power, and make sure that the users have a say in it, by using the system I suggested in the previous blog post.
  2. If I'm elected, I plan to meet with the leader of Dramatic Static to work out a deal to resolve the conflict between our two websites. We're all Total Drama fans. We need to be able to coexist peacefully, and maybe even work together.
  3. I think users need to be allowed to attend and watch Council Meetings. That way they know what's going on, and maybe that will help keep the council members on track.
  4. As anybody who goes on the IRC can tell you, there are lots of fights. Too many fights. The worst thing is when an admin starts/is involved with a fight. Too frequently admins are allowed to fight all they want and they don't get in trouble. If a user talked to me like some admins talk to me, that user would have been banned long ago (I wouldn't have necessarily banned the person, but there would be talk of it.) But admins need to show the respect they are supposed to be given, so I also propose that when admins start fights, there need to be consequences like with everybody else.
  5. If I am elected, I plan to go through every idea anybody had during this election month, and have the council vote on it. People have good ideas, but, unfortunately, nowadays (wow, that's actually a word)if the council doesn't hear it, then it doesn't get done.
  6. Regular users need to be included in the council. Their voice isn't being heard with the current set up.

In summary, I am quite passionate about this wiki. I think I'm what we need. With fighting on the IRC, and a sense of urgency on the wiki, the time for talking is over. It's time for action.

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