The reasons I call this my "penultimate election blog post" is because penultimate is an epic word, and this will probably be my second-to-last election post (there isn't much left to say). I'll break this into sections.

Why I Ran

The reason I ran for president was because I thought I could do the best job. If I thought one of the other people running could do a better I would have supported them from the start (like how I supported Freehugs last time). (For those who ran, please don't get offended, just keep reading.) The other people who ran are all very upbeat, happy, brilliant, and amazing people. i think any of them would have ended up to be a great president. Unfortunately, I don't want them to be president yet. (Keep reading.) I think that there is still a negative vibe on the wiki that needs to be taken care of and removed. These awesome people who ran and lost don't deserve to have to deal with all the anger. I think that given six months, I can increase the positive attitude of the wiki, and then I'll graciously support another user with a positive attitude and high hopes. I want everything to be great for you guys. If I'm not the guy who can do that, I'll be happy to let somebody else do it. But I do think I'm the right person for it.


A list of ideas I had and updates to current things.


The council was a great idea by Freehugs. However, the council is something I think needs a lot of changing. We need:

  • Notices sent out to the council members the day of the council meetings.
  • Three or so regular users (as chosen by the other regular users and rollbacks).
  • Users being able to watch the meetings.
  • Rules for council meeting conduct.


I've tried to follow the IRC rules, but it seems that I am the strictest admins when it comes to enforcing the rules we already laid out. Here are some ideas:

  • IRC Admins - Users who are responsible and mature on the IRC should be given op. Usually I de-op non-wiki-admins on the IRC, but I'm willing to meet you guys half-way on it.
  • Enforcing rules about swearing and inapropriate content.
  • Making users who want to play with RuneScript bring RuneScript into a separate channel like #tdwiki-runescript for example.
  • Users that are banned from the wiki will not be allowed on the IRC. Users that only cause trouble on the IRC shouldn't be banned from the wiki, just the IRC.


We need to be more open about the pages we have here. If a page is spam, mark it, and it will be deleted. If it's a debatably useful page, start a conversation on the page's talk page, message some users to take a look at it and give some feedback. I also had plans for:

  • Pages all bout specific songs from Total Drama World Tour (If the songs seem noteworthy).
  • An in-between category for one-sided relationships.

New Features

We have plenty of great features now, why not a few more?

  • Featured Song
  • New Rollback/Admin Voting
  • Subscriptions - We use this on the camps wiki to alert people of a new camp. People would sign up, and on the day of a roundtable/roleplay/quiz-bowl/wiki-fest they will be sent a message on their talk page to remind them of the event (there will be different sign-up lists for each categories so users don't get updated on things they don't care about).
  • Newsletter - Users are more determined now to work on a newsletter, so it needs to return.


  • Admins will be able to be banned from the IRC if they repeatedly start fights.
  • I'll be meeting with the leader of Dramatic Static so that we can have a friendly relationship with those folks.
  • I can guarantee that every idea that people have talked about during this election will be put to a roundtable discussion, and a council vote.

Please take a look at Webkinz Mania's blog posts.

Thank you for reading, and I'll see you election week.

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