Almost 4 months ago, Countdown to 10,000, a game that changed the wiki and the users forever, came to a close. Since then, Nalyd's been kinda useless. Until now.

Welcome to my new game, the name of which has yet to be announced.

The way this game works is 12-16 users (based on amount of applications) will be selected to compete. The contest will take places over 30 days (I don't know yet when it will begin but it will be before the end of January so that the game ends by February 29th). Challenges will be every 2-3 days. They will all take place on the wiki and I will post them in a blog.

Every elimination, contestants will e-mail me their votes (if you miss the voting deadline then you lose the ability to vote at that elimination). All votes will be kept a secret until the end of the game.

Here are the requirements for signing up:

  • Have access to the wiki everyday until the end of February
  • Have an e-mail address to e-mail me with
  • Be able to edit the wiki
  • Be able to take screenshots
  • Have been relatively active in the past month, whether it be on the IRC or the wiki itself
  • Ability to produce fanart (Unsure if I will actually do this)

If you are interested in signing up please fill out the following application and send it to (The topic should be "(Username)'s Application for Game")

  1. Your level of power on the wiki (User/Rollback/Admin):
  2. Your edit count:
  3. Your mainspace edit count:
  4. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being extremely, how comfortable are you drawing artwork:
  5. Rate your activeness on the wiki and IRC on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being active everyday:
  6. How certain are you that you will have access to the wiki until February 29th:
  7. What makes you special:

Any questions please comment below (and I'm sure there will be I feel as if I've rushed this). Only applications submitted properly through e-mail will be considered.

Thank you for reading.

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