(I'd like to thank everybody who voted for me, putting their trust in me. I'd also like to thank anybody who voted for participating in the wiki's community.)

The voting ended today, and I've moved on past the preliminaries. I've decided that now would be as good as ever to announce who I've chosen to be my vice-president. I know the voting just ended, but I'd like to use this post as an example for what I plan to focus the next six months on; not a day off. I'm dedicated to making sure that people with power work as much as they can. We've been giving 100%, why don't we try pushing to 110%? I'm trying my best to get to 5,000 edits before April. I'll be the third person to do so, so why not be the third person to lead us?

Anyway, onto who I picked. There were many people I had considered for this. I had to look at some criteria; Who has shown respect to me? Who have I respected? Who will support me and help me over the next six months? And most importantly; Who would I trust to lead you guys if something should happen to me? That last question means the most. This person could be disrespectful to me, I might dislike them, and they may not think I'm ready. The fact that this person could take over if I had to leave is what matters though. (Luckily, this person respects me, I like and respect them, and they're incredibly supportive.)

This person has proven to be dedicated to this wiki. They want whats best for all of you guys, and will not settle for any less than the best. You guys are worth it. This person is one of the greatest users of all time, by any standard you can think of. They're friendly, helpful, have great leadership abilities, and is overall a positive contributor to our little family of a community. If this person had run in the election, I'd have given them my 100% support. So who is this user?

His name is Webkinz Mania. He and I have worked together for more than a year. He's stood by me, and I've stood by him. He is a great person in general. I'd like to thank Webkinz Mania for supporting me, and I hope to see all of you turn out for election week and show your support.

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