Are you Jamaican? Cause Jamaican me write a review, man!

This episode opens with Alejandro calling DJ delicious. "I bet Alejandro's in there right now making DJ feel welcome, that jerk!" No, Heather, Alejandro's calling DJ delicious. The very thought of Owen breaking up with Izzy was so completely out there, it's as if Gwen and Duncan kissed, which we all know is never gonna happen. (Remember, no discussing passed this episode in the comments :3) But really, Owen and Izzy breaking up comes out of nowhere! Would I dump a girl for kicking me in the *censored*? (Because this is a family friendly blog) **** yeah I would! "Can you parents my phone and worry them not to tell Santa?" Hilarious line from our big buddy, Owen! Chris having to explain the show's budget was funny too. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about smart Izzy... It's nice to see Izzy do something this season, but at the same time, she's not herself anymore. "A woman's dashiki!" "What?!" Haha, I love the way Chris said "What."

Sierra looked pretty in her bikini, and Alejandro looked gross. Nobody looks good in a speedo. What has been seen cannot be unseen. I want a hat like Chris. it's nice to go back to familiar ground with old lazy Noah. Makes me warm and tingly inside. Alejandro's confessional about needing Tyler was funny too. DJ struggling to swim was priceless. Tyler finding the grandfather clock was his funniest goof of the day. Gwen, Courtney, and Sierra looked hottest in their bikinis, just saying. I LOVED Noah being pushed off the cliff!

Izzy's elimination was a shocker! Obvious she'd be going soon, but not this early. I would have liked that to be the sudden end to OwenXIzzy, not Owen wanting to break up with her. It's time to put an end to the rumors; Yeah, I cried during the song, and I cried when Owen got eliminated in TDA (the first time). My heart hurts for the big guy. I loved the song, it was so good. This is the first song I really believed the emotion behind. I love the weird look Tyler gives Al when he touches his shoulder. I would love for a running gag to be Tyler thinking Al is coming onto him. XD Did anybody else see Sierra and Cody getting cozy in the pool? So cute together!

The long board challenge wasn't all that interesting, but I loved Courtney talking to Heather about contracts! Owen and Noah going together was good too. Alejandro revealing his own lie was... Kinda lame. Al just isn't interesting anymore. The only thing that makes him different from the original Heather is flirting, and he cant do that anymore (Except with Noah). Oh my god, Tyler took his headband off! "That doesn't even make sense!" WIN! Alejandro trying to explain how he wasn't responsible for DJ's elimination made no sense, nobody said he was.

The Renny Award goes to Owen for the best song on the show.

When I first saw this episode, I was in love with it, but once I think about it... 8/10

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