This review of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island contains opinions written by an angsty teenager. Do not repeat any of what you read here for grandma. Seriously. You could get really messed up.

Hey guys! I know this review is very very overdue, but I thank you all for your patience. I have not seen any episodes past this one, so please don't discuss spoilers below. If anything I say is proven immediately wrong in the next episode, that's why - I just haven't seen it yet.

Ice Ice Baby begins with Chris McLean recapping the previous episode, which is good because I forgot most of what happened. I forgot how vague the recaps are, never really providing any sort of detail from what happened in the previous episode. The breakfast scene was as bland as Chef's cooking (oh snap, did that just happen?). I mean it was funny but I didn't laugh. Mike's old man comment was funny I guess.

The whole Mike thing bothers me. I think they're misrepresenting multiple personality disorder (though I can't really judge, I pretended to be a pudgy Austrian kid), and I think kids are gonna really believe people with multiple personality disorder behave this way. Or maybe they do, I don't know much about MPD. Also, what if the personalities are just all the characters they didn't have enough material for all forced inside Mike? Though I do find it amusing that he just plays it off like a comedy act.

"If we were hamsters, I would have eaten you by now." I like Jo. At first I know she seemed like Eva 2.0 but as we all know, Alejandro is Eva. But back to the matter at hand, I like Jo. She's a unique character. Also, Lightning thinking Jo is a guy is hysterical.

The climbing was relatively dull, it's like all the jokes were established in the first two episodes and now are just being repeated. Sam falling was funny. And I'm sick of B. As soon as Dawn said B has a plan, it became clear that B is suffering from something I call the Pikachu complex. For those who watch Pokemon, you know that at times people can understand Pikachu. All Pikachu says is "Pikachu." Yes they understand him. B stands there and Dawn senses he has a plan. It isn't entertaining, it's just irritating. Why do people like B? I hate him.

I have no idea who is on which team. Watching Sam get beat up was funny, I like Sam. "I can taste my spine." I'm also enjoying the physical comedy from Brick. "Great! The crappiness is thorough." One of the funniest lines in Total Drama history.

I'm not sure how I feel about Zoey and Mike. They each have their own personalities, multiple personalities, yet I don't see them interacting with anybody else. I like how the geeks on the show always get hot girls. Which is why it appeals to nerds, in my opinion. This is a show where a Mike can get a Zoey. Anything is possible. The challenge was boring, but I found Vito funny.

Obvious elimination is obvious. Though I am enjoying Scott's strategy. Dakota returning was actually funny, and I enjoy her and Sam together. And B becomes the third one out. "What a surprise!" said absolutely nobody.

Completely forgettable episode.

Rating: 5/10

Sam gets the Renny award with many funny lines. Not enough to save the episode though.

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