Ello, guvner. What say you sit down and 'ave a spot o' tea and read this bloody smashing review, ay what?

I wonder if anybody who doesn't see the telethon will understand the recap... This week we visit Old England! (I call it that because I live in New England, or as we call it, "More Recent England.") I loved Cody taking pictures while Gwen sleeps! Being a strong supporter of Cowen (Gwody?), I loved seeing Cody creep on Gwen. I don't know why they haven't done much of that this season, but I'm glad to see it's back. (I know you're all wondering and yes, as a CIT, I can make that magic guano thing.) The only thing I liked better than Sierra tweeting was Noah hilariously mocking her! "I wanna top his honor roll! Did that sound creepy." Oh my god, I was almost dying of laughter at that. I've got a friend I walk home from school with who's like a less sarcastic Noah, and I too enjoy making him laugh cause he's like the funniest guy I know. Seeing Noah's fun side was great, he was still Noah but he was able to be immature. If Courtney was immature, we'd all be very confused (Or we'd think of TDA and go "Oh yeah, I hate that little *****.") (This episode taught me a new swear word! Guess which one!) DISCLAIMER: No swearing "Life, why do you hate me so?" A sandwich full of fries? Sounds delicious and artery clogging! "The librarian thought my research was morbid, and occasionally offensive." I've never liked librarians. "We're like a nerdette dream team!" Oh, that would be so hot.

The song and challenge were creepy, but I did enjoy Heather's lame excuse and Noah's singing. At least it was over quick, I guess. Its surprisingly nice to see Gwen and Courtney buddy up. Has anybody else noticed that, from behind, Cody has elf ears? I loved Owen's impression of the Queen! Very accurate. "Nobody said you had to use your teeth." Poor Tyler. Heather swearing was great! "She's incapable of making a list!" Hahaha! Epic Courtney line! "He's like Heather but with social skills." Still loving Noah this episode! I'm also loving Tyler. "You could be a runway model!" "That's a stretch." Gwen and Courtney are doing great. I wonder why it took Gwen so long to do something this season. "You know what's hilarious?" "We forgot Tyler." "How is that hilarious?"

I said it at the start of the season and I'll say it again; I love the dynamic duo that is Noah and Owen! The writers really understand how to use each of their strengths to play off each other well. Der schnitzel kickers? *giggles cause he gets it* "Ow my wiener!" First tiny sausage and now this? Jeez, the innuendo is hilarious this season! Like I said a couple reviews back, this show is getting pretty edge for a show on Cartoon Network! Yeah, Noah grew up in a tough neighborhood, just like I'm growing up in the mean streets of Massachusetts. I had to pause the video as I laughed at "Old Man Jenkins!" That was hysterical! Wait, how did Team Amazon win? Team Chris is Really Really Etc. Hot caught the Ripper! Such a flimsy reason to get rid of Owen's little buddy Noah... I wish they had done the full barf bag ceremony, but its fine. The DuncanXGwen scene was perhaps the most incredibly dramatic thing this show has ever done! Tyler popping in was hysterical!

The Renny Award goes to Noah for his incredible lines, and the fact that he was onto Al.

This was a great episode, I enjoyed every minute of it, but Team Amazon winning just ruined it for me... 9.5/10

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