Big props to MizzZapper for being the only person who's uploaded this!

The episode starts with an awful "recap" if that's what we call the shots before each aftermath. They just don't know how to pick somewhat decent clips. Geoff interrupting Courtney's song was win! But, I felt a little bad for Courtney, so I got the lyrics to her whole song:


... I think she's singing about Gwen. "What did you do to the mean blond person?!" Did anybody else notice Justin evilly smirk at the mean blond person when she got wheeled in? I hate Bruno. The whole idea of a bear protecting Bridgette is so incredibly cheesy. I swear, when I watched this episode, melted fondu started pouring out of my speakers. The main reason it bugs me is because it's an animal getting too much screen time in an Aftermath about the final three. Secondly, who would protect Bridgette? "They're stranded in Drumheller, where the number on cause of death is being stranded in Drumheller." "Perhaps Heather is Total Drama lichen." Why is Harold only good in the Aftermaths? The first song was great, every bit of it. Even Courtney. But, I would have liked an Alejandro verse. "Don't call my name, don't call my name, Alejandro." That would have worked!

"I love a good party, but I gotta draw the line! Harold, this is confiscated!" Win. Poor Beth, the bear trying to eat her was adorable. I liked them analyzing each contestant, but each title was awful. Cody is not an unknown quantity, we all know he stands no chance. Alejandro never made a comeback, he pwned everyone from the very start, and Heather is certainly not an unstoppable force. Alejandro's team doesn't make sense. I get that all the girls are attracted to him, but I could have sworn Tyler liked girls... And Tyler blamed Alejandro for his elimination too. "Peanut gallery, have you missed being in the game?" "..." "Great!" GASP! Bridgette had a funny scene!

Did anybody see Eva not oppose being on Heather's team? It's because Alejandro loves Heather, and Alejandro is Eva! "You know this is a half hour show, right?" "Technically it's 22 minutes, and that includes opening and closing credits." Where is Harold's and Cody's friendship coming from? It seems completely random! Other than the Drama Brothers, the two have never interacted. "I'm gonna have to keep helping Blaineley through the doberman thing aren't I?" Blaineley and Owen would have been so win in TDWT, too bad Owen got the boot. "Please don't hurt me later for this, it was an accident I swear." "Sorry, but Chris said we had to make you sing a song." The second song was hard to understand with Harold's raspy voice and him and Courtney singing over each other. However, Owen totally made up for it! "This is messed up, it's true! Sorry Blaineley, don't sue!"

For the record, I'm pretty sure if a hot lava rock fell into your pants you wouldn't go "... My nuggets. *frown*" Just saying. Ew, Courtney won. Bridgette feeling bad for Blaineley just shows how awful Bridgette is. Bridgette's just fail. "That was pretty unbelievable Courtney! Seriously, no one was supposed to win." "But someone did win, because girls rule!" I'm sure if Harold won and Geoff said "Yeah, guys rule!" the episode would be boycotted. Don't ya just love double standards?

The Renny Award goes to Geoff. I almost gave it to Owen, but Owen was only good during the challenge.

This was a decent episode, pretty forgetful. Harold, Geoff, and Owen were the only good ones... 6/10

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