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Well, we're here. The finale to end one of the greatest Total Drama seasons ever! Our minds will be blown! Our dreams will come true! Our minds will come true, and are dreams will be blown! "I made it all the way to the final two-ish!" I know what you're all thinking. "WTF is Cody still doing here?" Well I'll tell you what Cody's doing there; He's there to make Heather and Al look cooler! OMG! Sadie had a line?! Wow, this must be a series finale or something if even SADIE gets a line! "Why are they in teams? And why does my team suck?" I love Heather. It's too bad we didn't get as much angry Heather this season if it didn't involve Al. I also miss the Heather that got a bunch of physical abuse to make up for her mistreating everyone. That Heather was epic, and I'm glad she came back even if it was just for this episode.

"I swear, Geoff and I put ping pong balls in there!" "I know, and I'm not mad. Just disappointed." Chris is the best host ever, Bridgette is the worst host ever, and Geoff is epic too. "She's funny when she's tied up and can't hurt me!" Owen, you are win. The tiebreaker was a great challenge, loved every second of it. Even Cody's loss. I'm glad Cody lost, he didn't deserve the million. But, I gotta say, Heather vs. Alejandro has an obvious outcome. Alejandro can't win because he was the main villain this season and in the cartoon, the good guy always wins. Cody vs. Heather would have been much more interesting. Everyone helping Cody while Heather has to do everything on her own. Even SierraXCody in the challenge was win, even if Sierra is guilty of some serious godplaying. LeShawna flipping Heather off was also one of the greatest moments in Total Drama history. Perfect comedic timing, just epic.

Think the roleplay inspired this finale challenge? I like to think it did. Oh my gosh, Lindsay punching Tyler was so win! What's with Harold's sudden love of Cody? Look out, Sierra, somebody's movin' in on your man! As a HaroldxHeather fanatic, I was disappointed with Harold's reasoning for helping Heather. The song was beyond lame, but I did like the God-sized Heather and Alejandro. Alejandro is so auto-tuned. Like a male, Spanish Ke$ha. I love Heather's determination to win. She may hate the game, but she wants to win it. "A booby demo..." Giggity.

Lindsay running into the jungle was the best Lindsay moment possibly of all time. Cody pouncing on Courtney was proof that Cody has learned from Sierra; if you want someone, get them. Alejandro suddenly having a weakness... I don't know, glad he's not a god anymore, but it still doesn't feel right. "I will destroy you!" Gasp, Heather has a catchphrase, and it's pure gold. Harold's high pitch voice made up for all the failure he had this season. Alright, this rest of the episode is where I draw the line. What was with the snake tongue?! And whats with that u in the word tongue?! Noah shrugging was hysterical. The comedic timing of this episode is perfect.

This little chat with Al and Heather was so unbelievable right from the start. If they played that sappy "Total Drama Good-bye" music from season one (Like when Trent went) I would have believed it. "Can the confessing wait? Kind of on a schedule here, bro?" Their kiss was another awful part of this episode. Just because of Heather's face. I mean, I've never had a problem with Heather's face before, Heather's got a nice face. But the expression... Cringe-worthy. I don't know if anybody noticed, but Eva doesn't appear until after Heather pushes Alejandro off the volcano. The Ezekiel scene was okay until he fell in. If he and Heather just watched the million fall in, I would have been okay with that. But, that wasn't real lava. I mean, real lava doesn't erupt when it contacts a pineapple. So, I'm convinced it was fake lava. I did enjoy the ending with Chris and Alejandro though.

The Renny award goes to the winner of the season, the volcano. What? The volcano has the million dollars, no? Ha, just kidding. Heather, the Renny is all yours!

This episode has been very controversial. I don't get what the big deal is though. The final two were Alejandro and Heather, so why are people complaining about the lack of resolution between Duncan and Courtney? More importantly, why would somebody ever COMPLAIN about lack of Duncan and Courtney? I think this episode should be celebrated for that! Anyway, this was a fun way to end an epic season, but the ending just went a little too far... 9.5/10

Now, my announcement; Get ready for... The Renny Awards! We've got a bunch of great categories and four nominees for each category and you, the users, will be able to vote for a winner! Thanks for reading the reviews this season, and I'll see you at the Renny Awards!

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